How to get rid of dark spots on face?

As I blog about home remedies for facial care, detoxification and meals preparation, I am not stating that I do not eat out, I do not go for facial or other therapeutic sessions (like massage etc) but I simply manage to lessen that as I do my part to maintain on my own budget.

After trying the baking soda cleanser/mask, I gotten great result from it that I continued to search further on clearing dark spots. As a general background, I do not have much pimple/acne issue except for the occasional pop-ups and that I have an oily T-zone plus my in-depth skin analysis have shown that I was lacking in renewed collagen under the skin layer.

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One day, I had a pimple on my chin which was huge but it was not exposed (you know how painful and irritating those kind could be), I cleaned my face using the baking soda method at night and the next morning the bump went down immediately. After one more day with the cleansing (morning and night), the pimple went away smoothly. By now, I had a better control of pimple condition on my face.

The next thing I looked for was a home remedy to clear dark spots. Even though I am dark-skinned, I have freckles on my cheek and near my eyes area. Dark spots can be caused by a few reasons like pimples/acne, aging, UV rays or serious cases could be due to certain skin diseases.

I will not be touching on the serious skin disease cases as you are highly encourage to visit your dermatologist to get proper advise for your skin condition. Dark spots which are due to pimples/acne scar (hyperpigmentation) is when there is trauma to the skin or due to excessive exposure to the sun. These can be helped or even prevented.

One remedy which I tried was using potato and another process using milk.

1) I have distinctly five spots on my face which was darkened due to pimple which I squeezed previously….(I know..naughty fingers I have). All I had to do was slice a potato and leave it to cover the dark spots for around 8-10 minutes. The starch in the potato will act as a natural “bleach” on the dark spots. I did this for about 1 week before I saw improvement in the tone of the spots.

2) I took a cotton swab and dab milk on the dark spots (different area which I used the potatoes) and leave it for about a couple of minutes as well. This remedy is supposed to take a while about 1 month before I see any result and I had to do it twice a day for efficacy.

After using the above remedy, wash your face with lukewarm water.

There are other ways which I found such as using lemon, honey, oat, sandalwood, buttermilk or tomatoes but I chose these two options to give it a go first. Our skin is naturally healthy at a ph level between 5-7. The slight acidity (below pH5) will keep our skin in a better condition than a higher pH which may lead to dry skin.

As always, as a disclaimer: I start conservatively on smaller patch of skin before I commit to a longer trial period. That means we are all responsible for our own skin and we need to take ownership of our own belongings. Do your part to take care of your skin before jumping into any processes at all.

As a free advise for all, do remember to put on sunblock, wear a cap/hat and also apply aloe vera or Vitamin E lotion if you have to be out in the sun for long.

Till we meet again.


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