Its Fall in Singapore!

Hold on tight everybody, the road is gonna get a little bit bumpy and slippery. YES, it is time for another post from zsiti co. 
We are entering the last and final quarter of 2014 soon and then it is going to be a brand new year, 2015! I always welcome every quarter with excitement and anticipation. I also make all the preparations for each quarter such as holidays, new photo albums, new projects to look forward to and I also look forward to the last quarter especially because of the weather.
It is fortunate and unfortunate at the same time for us in Singapore as we do not have the standard four seasons unlike others. But I am thankful that we are in a place where it is also not that extreme: drought or flood. Basically, we are always hot (see the pun and play on words there) so 365 days we have warm or hot weather. Nearing the end of the year, then we will start to have a cooler and probably wet season. 

As you all know I personally love travelling, different countries do have different seasons and that means I have to cater to them. Be it the clothing, the temperature and even the shoes. But while I have those collection of thicker clothing, there is rarely much chance for me to wear them in Singapore during normal hotter period. So when the rainy season and such sweater weather season is here…I got the feels …heheheheh the excitement…is real. 

I get to take out my collection of jackets, sweater and blazers. Well, hold on before you go on and judge me with all your comments, it is not like Singapore rainy season is going to be THAT cold but it does allow me to put on that extra jacket and stuff and well a girl can dream…(for that bit of cool air right?)
For the sake of convenience and style in Singapore, I rarely wear out my sweater collection but I prefer to wear out my blazers. From solid colours to prints,  I will simply dress down casually then throw on a classy blazer and BAM! that will up the style!
Here are my favourite blazers which I chose to wear depending on my mood. 
Classic white
Lady Cream Blazer
Safari blazer
Earthly Tone Long Blazer
Army Blazer
 photo komedi_1411444596854_438_zpsb3b75ba0.gif
How I do my shopping in front of a mirror
Whenever I go shopping, during different season I will pick up the few pieces and design which I like and play mix ‘n’ match with them. However, sometimes I also like to go online to a few fashion platform to browse through the wide variety of blazers online for women.
So how do you dress classily in Singapore?


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