A day in Romford, London

I was basically in London for about a week recently. I had initially enrolled for a digital media programme with scholarship in London but it didn’t go through so I decided to skip the whole course itself (instead of spending any more money there) and just took it as a holiday.
Being in London was amazing, with the cool weather, english-speaking people, halal food (as compared to other parts of Europe I went weeks before London, it was hard to find plain Halal food) visiting the museum, seeing the monuments, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge/London Bridge, park, etc was like an awesome experience but I soon came to notice that when I have seen one, I would have seen all. I gotten a bit overwhelmed by all the building architectures which look more or less the same however they may have a different story behind them.
Since my accommodation with our London Host is outside of the city centre, I decided to take a walk around the town and give an account of a day in Romford town. There are various ways to reach here from London city centre, like the bus or rail and it is about an hour away.
People in Romford gives a more subtle and quiet feel as compared to being in the city centre that I can take a quiet little stroll all over town and feel at peace. People are courteous inside the bus, shopping centres, driving the cars or even when they were in the restaurant.
In terms of history, Romford along with four other towns/areas around London came under one name, Havering which goes back to thousand of years of history but ohh I am not going to bother you with the details of that. If you are keen to read up more, then you can simply click here. I had the opportunity to not just read online but went to the museum to learn about the history of one out of many London boroughs. At the same time, it was also the time of remembering the World War I, so there were some artifacts and historical posts being put up to talk about and remember the people, the soldiers and the effects of World War I.
Romford, known to be the marketplace where people bring their cattles and fresh produce to trade and sell in the past. Today on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there would be an open air market in the town centre which would be the equivalent of Singapore Bazaar (or Pasar Malam)

Entrance to the local shopping arcade with stores like Marks & Spencer, Primark, 99p and more
The Golden Lion, dating back to 1440s when it was known as Le Lion, a typical inn.
The Open market which only operates every wednesday, friday and saturdays
Its going to be winter soon
Fresh produce like foods and vegetables are available
For the seafood lovers
The candyman was dressed in his white lab coat, a candyman by day and dentist by afternoon?
Whoever can resist fresh lobsters, crabs, eels, and more!!!

The Best Plaice
A whole building catered to selling household items as well as clothings and everything!
Fresh flowers to brighten up the mood
Romford Shopping Hall which holds stores and restaurants from the east to the west. 
Classic example of a make-up store inside, does it remind you of anywhere familiar in Singapore?
In the same area, there is a museum which holds the rich history and heritage of the London Borough of Havering. Did you know that the staff who tends to the museum are mainly volunteers who spends their precious time to maintain and take care of the place. As mentioned earlier on, there was also the collection of World War I articles so I could not take a lot of pictures inside of the museum as requested by one of the staff on duty.
The main entrance to Havering Museum is tucked away in the corner of the street
A certificate given by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012
One of those seal colouring/shading, which I just had to bring back for myself
One of the area to show the olden equipments which was used during those times
A sofa set for one, two, many many people
Basically, it was a gem of its own. Havering Museum depended on the local libraries for the resources and research materials which was a very good form of support for the museum, I was excited to spend that couple of hours inside although I was the only one that afternoon but the staff, Dennis and Pauline were very nice and accommodating.
After scouring through the area covered by the olden cafe/pubs, museum, cathedrals I moved on to the shopping area. Basically they are big on everything, what I mean is one shop will usually occupy a whole building on its own (but at most 2-3 storeys high) or its one big store by itself.
I took the chance to shop around the supermarket (and boy can this make me go crazy, Supermarkets give me the High!) for things to cook for dinner at our host’s place. She has a garden which she plants her own potatoes, beet roots, carrots, tomatoes and all. Craving for some instant noodle (a girl gotta do what she has to do anyway)
It was quite windy on that day but there was the long awaited sun
Oh see that cutie, i mean chocolates, candies, snacks?

Getting fresh beet roots for dinner, the last harvest before winter arrives
The door to the backyard

Yup, it’s a simple meal but I hope she is happy with it 😀
I can feel the convenience of getting everything I want for the home in one area. The feeling of shopping in a place full of heritage and taking pride in such a place to be called My Hometown is amazing. 
To see more of my other pictures and the places which I visited for this trip (such as Pisa, Italy, Cinque Terre, Paris and Barcelona) you can add me on Facebook: sitishyuhaila or follow me on IG: zsiti_
Till we meet again!
PS: I would have love to recommend this kebab restaurant (Essex Fish) which sells the meanest hot dogs ever! They have it deep fried or in buns or ala original. They also specialises in fish: fried or grilled. I have never tasted something that good. I would recommend you to try it if you are in Romford and the service is good too. I have heard many feedback of poor service from Kebab restaurants in London and I was wary but sometimes you gotta try it on your own to believe it. They do not open in the morning but from afternoon onwards till late as there are drinking pub a few doors away so it can cater to people who may be hungry for a few bites after a few glasses.
That scale to ratio tho… the dogs are Huge I tell you!

Looks are deceiving, that’s all I can say

They do not open early but they open till late, real late…

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