Month of November, Movember!

As we are nearing the end the 2014 soon, have you sat down to think of your new year resolutions, 2015? Too early you may say well its better now or never right. 
Didn’t we learn from our lesson, setting goals last minute only made us flustered to come up with things which are more than half the world away from the real deal. But jokes aside, in the last two months of the year, let us communicate more on mindset and energy.
How do you keep yourself enthusiastic with whatever you are doing? Be it at work or at school. 
What is your motivation?
Who are your inner circle group of people whom you hang around with?
How different are you today from where you were yesterday?
Why are you where you are right now?
How do you make others be happy?
When do you think it is time to give back?
So many questions and so little time, no, I am not running out of time but wait, maybe we all are ,running out of time. We age, we grow old and we die. Its part and parcel of life and it can happen anytime to anyone. 
This is short post before I set off to another trip away.
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger then it also won’t hurt for us to do a little bit of charity. For the third year which I am touching on Movember you can find out more about the movement in Singapore here.
This is a footage of one of the old video I did last year with a few friends to raise awareness about Movember and the cause (click here)
Signing out from a Mo Sista to all the Mo Bros :3|, cheers!

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