The Recipe for Confidence

How to be confident? What is confident? Why must we be confident?

Standing up in the front of the class to do a presentation, voicing out own opinion during a group sharing or even stepping to a stranger to ask questions. What do we fear about doing all these things that may stop us from carrying them out?
Peer pressure: it can be your friend or it can be your worse enemy. When there is not enough positive vibe around us, we get stuck into a whirlpool of danger and it makes us have lower self esteem.
Confidence, enthusiasm, positivity are things which cannot be bought but we can cultivate and emulate them into our lifestyle. Imagine ourselves like a vase, or a cup or bowl or container anything that you feel happy with. If the container is full, it is hard for water to be poured in but if we empty that container first, we can refill it with more liquid.
1) “Empty” yourselves from your previous identity. When the phrase “let it go” really means you understand that you want to make the change then you must acknowledge your weakness and strength.
2) Find the right role model as a goal and copy the qualities which you want to emulate. When talking about qualities to copy, it means virtues and characteristics which are going to be beneficial to people and the society. It’s not about ” I wanna be like XXXX cause he is good-looking” or ” I want to copy the way she treats people because she is so classy and up there”.ย 
3) Associate with the right group of people who knows where and what you aim to achieve. They will be your mirrors to check your blindspot for you. There are some people who will just be there to stop you from trying everything because they “think” you are not up to it, they “feel” it is not safe or they “fear” for you. These are the wet blankets which you may need to stay a bit further away from. Finding people who will give the support and leverage for yourself would be utmost important, because we can never do things on our own. Human beings are inter-dependent individual who needs to work with others.
4) Believe in yourself when you do something. Bear in mind that nothing is ever guaranteed but if you never try at all, you will stay the same. When you make a mistake, learn from it and change immediately. Simple as that. Just remember, Fear moves Nothing.
We are different from who we are yesterday. Naturally, we change every moment

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