A place called Mine

I dream one day of a house, with a backyard…
not as a home but a place to call my own.
people can come and go but they will leave behind their loveliest memories.
Of weddings and vows and sweet, little harmonies
I dream one day to have this place, to call upon others with grace.
To provide the service that you can all embrace.
Hear the waves as it climbs up to the shore,
And lit the backyard with fairylights and more.
Set back and travel all around the world
As I seek to search for my own pearl
A humble abode for all to share
I desire to create one uncompared.
It’s not a new idea nor is it a fantastic idea
But to me it will be all so clear.
When I take ownership of my own dream
I can bring people to come and swim
Come together and walk with me
Cause this is where you will want to be
Travel around to find the place
And finally, let me be in peace


I have created this poem for me to really set my mind to find a place to set up my own hostel. After travelling around all these years and visiting different hostels, bed&breakfast as well as a fair share of couch surfing. I have come to terms with what a traveller may be looking for.
But beyond just staying for 1 or 2 nights for shelter and food, I want my guests to make it feel at home and more. Holding their wedding, renewing their vows to one another, celebrating their anniversary, enjoying their holiday.
I seek for that place by the sea with its calming effect for anyone staying in the house. With a backyard nice and spaceous enough to invite families and close friends to witness special moments and events under that big tree which will light up as the sun falls.
With hanging streamers and few other little ornaments to embellish the nature and space, it will be a little, quiet affair for special ones. Oh, how I dream for this place to exist really soon.
A place to call home, a place to call mine.


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