Royalize International Glamorous 2014

Bright dresses, shining jewelleries, spotlights on you, red carpet on the runway and camera flashes onto you. Does it seem glamourous enough for you? Do you love the wave of attention as you walk the runway?
Well, I know maybe some of us do ๐Ÿ™‚
I had the opportunity recently to attend the Glamourous 2014 organised by Royalize International. It was a Beauty Pageant to crown Miss, Mister, Mrs and Senior Mrs Glamorous 2014. The finalist event was held at a fitting place non-other than Mambo Beach Club, Sentosa. It was a full, long day from 11am till 7pm where there was a long list of performance before the commencement of the main event and that is where the “stars” will walk the runway for the judges.
Apart from the fashion show festivals which I have been to, this was the first time I was at a modelling competition where the contestants would be judged for their walks, confidence, style and more. Well, if given a choice of course I would want to be the model ๐Ÿ™‚ย Judge (a girl has the right to dream isn’t that true?)
So the rest of the attendees, like myself (thanks to The Influencer Network), supporters, friends and families of the participants were treated to an array of performances. There were solo performers as well as groups like Mac Mcanas, Sukafellas, Jumali Sanotri, Fauzan Walkwayz and more. Honestly speaking, I am not well-versed with the music industry in Singapore. Listening to these performing artiste, they gave me a good reason to google them up and finding more about their music. It was a surprise treat for myself when I was there.
Now as a treat to my readers, here are some of the pictures of the pretty and handsome people who were there at Mambo Beach Club!
Thanks to The Influencer Network

When the show starts, it was a routine drill for all taking part in the pageant. Strut down the runway, self-introduction, answering a question from the box and that’s it. Seems simple enough but I guess it require a lot of confidence to carry out such simple task while it is clear that you will be judged by professionals. Thus, the pressure is ON!
One of the highlight during the performances was the showcase of the Ulek Mayang Legendary Runway performed by the group of professional models from D’Agustera Modelling & Bridal Agency.
It was overwhelming to me as the performance came across as a ย sharp and great blow to my mind with such powerful performance by the models.ย 
The panel of judges consists of ย Ms Brenda Nonis-Desker (Asia Pacific Queen of Substance 2014), Shahid Mazali (Mister Asian World Winner), Elya’s Elween (Owner of Elya’s Elween Bridal), S. Vanithadevi (Mrs Singapore India 2013), Queeny Cleopatra Loh (Founder of Queeny Closet), Shidah Sari (Owner of D’Agustera Sari Bridal/Modelling Agency) and Azma Wati (Ambassador Ibu of the Year 2013/14).
All these people who have walked the same path and emerged as winners in their own field have earned that title and position to sit at the table today not only to judge the participants but to give their insights and input to help another individual. Everyone who participated are winners for the day as this is one stepping stone in their journey towards greater success.

As each participant stepped up to pick their question from the MC, they have to deliver their answer to the judges and to the floor, showcasing not only their talent in looks and fashion but the essence of their character and thoughts.

I feel nervous for them as they have to answer through the questions within such a short time. However I feel that they may have been briefed to be prepared, in the sense, the general questions which have always been asked during beauty pageants. Questions like “What does style means to you?”, “How do you define a woman from a girl?”…you know the drill. I wasn’t personally impressed by the questions nor answers. Well, I am not the judge of things. (Meh)ย 
There are more pictures which you can find from my Facebook account: sitishyuhaila.

While Judges were collating on the score and stuff, there was a long list of presentation awards that was done. To thank each and every individual (organisation) which help to make this event a success. I gotta thank Royalize International too for presenting an award to The Influencer Network.
This must have been one long post for a long day of waiting and waiting. Although it was a great experience on a whole, the line-up of performance was really long and ventilation in the area was not working to its best. Honestly, I would feel and many would agree that the venue should improve on their air-conditioning system as it was pretty warm in there. Aside to that however, everybody was working so hard be it backstage or the contestants.

As they say, The Sweat, The Time, The Devotion. It Pays off. Congratulations then not only to the winners because everyone who were there Is A Winner!
Picture from Royalize International

Peace, zsiti

PS: If you feel you have what it takes, follow Royalize International on their Facebook Page here. It is in their vision to groom individuals and they believe in giving individuals chance to prove their worth to the world. Style it on~

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