All the little things

Someone told me a story recently, two dogs went into the same room and when they came out their behaviour was a total opposite from each other. One dog came out barking happily and jumping up and down while the other came out growling like someone stole his favourite biscuit and he look like he could kill.
Out of curiosity, the person went into the room to see what was in there. He was surprised when he noticed that the room was just covered with mirrors from top to bottom and nothing else. He learnt that the happy dog went in and he saw hundreds and many more of happy dogs while the angry dog went in and saw many more of his berserk and angered kind.
Generally, this story was trying to teach us something and I took back a fair share of lessons which I could interpret into my life.
What I see will be reflected from my behaviour and people around me are just the reactive portion of my behaviour. Honestly, I think Karma plays a large role too. We do not have to wait for karma to come back to us another day, we can prevent it from happening right on day one. 
Superficiality and being fake lies on the other side of being optimistic and positive and there is just a thin line separating this that you can’t help it when people who are not able to understand it judge you as being the fake one.
I have always been asked the question “why do you keep agreeing with that person? why are you so fake? why do you seem so happy ALL THE TIME?”
All I can reply is “That’s me” and smile it off. The truth is that what would I get with showing displeasure and anger towards someone else. Why would I tell you that I am upset if I know that you are not the cause of it and you are not able to stop it.
People may tend to vent their anger on others sometimes and if we were unfortunate enough to receive them, we will so feel so pissed off and unfair right? The same thing applies, do not give to others what you would not want to receive.
So smile often and share happiness with others cause the world is round. No problems cannot be solved and if you do not look for help, you will definitely have no answer to it.
If there is one thing you can control, that is your manner and outlook on life. Being happy all the while doesn’t mean you do not have any problems. It is about managing our emotions to deal with problems as they come with wisdom and maturity.

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