Am I a Control Freak?

Do you feel the need to overlook and control everything, from the meeting time, where to go out for fun and right down to the food which your friend eats when going out for a meal with friends?
I know that question seem overboard and way too much. But in fact, that is a weakness which I have. I cannot stand indecisiveness and slow thinkers. Not slow as in people who have a mental condition and are slow or people who are stupid. I am referring to people who do not have a sense of urgency in life or anything they do. Being brought up in Singapore, we all go through the system of processes and education.
In school, I was part of the school’s NPCC as my CCA so it was a part of me that we were trained to be quick and responsive. When I started to join the work force, I am thankful for being in an organisation who had a culture of responsibility and accountability which kept me in check as a person as I grew up. Whenever a task was distributed or question was being asked, we were trained and taught to respond, it is a form of acknowledgement and respect for another human being.
What I noticed in the younger generation of kids nowadays, this was a much lacking skill set and it kept me wondering, where did we go wrong?
Are we being judged by all our actions that we chose to “slow down” our response so that we do not get caught doing the “wrong” things. On the other hand, kids are also being told that “failure is the mother of all success”, if they do not do the wrong things then how can they learn. Are the adults so unforgiving when we see the younger generation doing something wrong?
Maybe it is time for us to step back and see the bigger picture, what the kids are doing may not be wrong because time change, everything and everyone evolved. What is being done now may not be applicable last time but vice versa what we went through last time may not work in such an era now.
I don’t know…
The grass may be greener on the other side but do share with me what else would make you happy with the current grass on your side 🙂

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