That’s just how I feel

As a person, we have the right to stand by our opinion and that is just how I feel. I have received many responses from adult and old people-like that they like my enthusiasm and positivity. Honestly, that did not mean much to me as I was brought up like that.
I am not saying that life goes on really smoothly and perfect for me. But I make the best out of everything. My parents went through a divorced when I was 21 and just started to step into the working society. My mother left our family when both my younger brothers are still small. We made our choices to stay with our father.
From then on, I fell back on the support of my other family, an organisation which I grew up in and call my second family. As far back that I can recall, a lot of my cultivation of character and moral went through the training ground of the organisation. That was the age where I was brought up to see the world, people from various background and to experience things beyond expectation.
Moral education which stops after we graduated from primary school became an extinct component in the education system nowadays. As they placed more focus and emphasis on creative thinking, speaking out, entrepreneurship it seems like they are tuning the kid’s mind to think more of me, myself and I. 
Traditionally, we would also depend on family support and training but as parents gets stuck in their daily work responsibilities and duties, they in-turn place high expectations on the school. But it comes with a price, teachers cannot scold their children, their child is their baby and their “baby” is goind through a lot of “hardship” studying. Parents pressure the teachers to do the maximum to educate their child and even morally. 
I would say, teachers are taking it quite hard being caught in the middle (Education superior, principal, parents, students) so to all my friends who are teachers, Kudos to you! U got my respect, woah!
What I have always believed in and I do so till now, that learning never stop when I leave the classroom. But then again this thinking did not come to me PFA (Plug from Air), it was taught to me, I was trained by the best of the best mentor who I ever had. Every step and experience that I have is a learning lesson. I must learn to apply what I have seen and because I must be smart and wise. Do not fall into the trap that I must pay cash in order to learn. Life experiences can’t be bought and it must be experienced (see that play on words tho).
After a few lessons of hard knocks and grilling, I also learned what I want to do and what I like. I realised that I cannot just let go of what I love just because someone says so. That brings me to the point that if it is meant to be, fate has it that it will play in front of you and you must grab it. Opportunity is all around, you just have to learn to grab it. I believe a lot in blind faith, cause when I was younger and I have not seen the world much (not that i have seen more right now, I am still learning) I was guided to just do it (Nike here). Nothing is impossible till I say so, just because no one else have tried it that doesn’t mean it will not work!
PS: I gave up the stability of working in an organisation for many years to pursue my passion of what I love doing which is crafting up personalised services to cater to business set-up. Working with people who are nice and friendly makes the joy of serving them becoming real. I did not hesitate to just jump out of the aircraft. That was because I know for a fact that with Fear, I will not budge at all. So i choose to let it go and just jump off that wagon. 

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