God must have spend a little time on you

November have always been a special month, well its not just about Movember yaw but it was also the beginning of the beginning.

As some of you may have known that I manage this Facebook Page and Group Singapore Youtubers together with a few close friends. I will include the links later on. The main purpose initially was to meet new people with the same passion making videos online and open the platform for collaborations and fun. Who would have known that Youtube made a big presence in Singapore one year later and boom, everybody now wants to make a youtube channel and upload videos.

I guess it was no big deal as mostly we wanted to have fun and at the same time provide entertainment to Singapore(ans) but when corporates came into the picture, they dangled huge carrot sticks and veg and meat and many more other attractive incentives which made this whole hobby turned into a platform to generate money.

Again, I guess it was no big deal because I believe that if you want to do something as a passion, it better be harvesting good results for yourself. You also have better be able to feed yourself to survive rather than do something which may not be beneficial to anyone.

The group grew significantly in the last two years in fact, and people from everywhere were trying to join in the group. But as administrators of the small group, we had to protect our people as well, we wanted to keep it purely for Singaporeans to get in touch with one another, meet new friends and also work together.

Personally, the first batch of friends are the people whom I met and until now I am blessed and happy to have such young friends. Currently doing their best and excelling in whatever stage of life they are in, I am proud to say that at certain part of each other’s lives, we have once met and became friends.

I do take recommendations of videos which I will share on the page for more people to watch and I also encourage new youtube channels to join in our group to interact and meet new people. but kids, I must reiterate that when meeting strangers online do exercise caution.

Visit us at: Facebook Page and our Facebook Group

At the same time, we are open to anyone who would like to contribute to the logo design as such.


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