Korean Braised Fish with Radish (물고기무조림)

I am back this week with some new recipe which I was learning from the kitchen. For this month, I am focused on Korean cuisine and why not….I am stuck with Roommate and Return of Superman variety shows. Watching them late every evening, it never fails to get me drooling every time they filmed during meal times. Have you ever seen how tempting and delicious it can be to see children eat their meals….Aish!

As an avid fish lover, I have plenty if fish supply at home (don’t ask me why, and my family do not sell fish) but I love eating fish. I was looking for korean recipes involving fish and this came up by my favourite youtuber, Maangchi.

Braised Fish and Radish, sounds tantalising isn’t it? Well, it was to me. So I head out to get the necessary and start to prepare the meal. My father is someone who only takes authentic malay food such as rendang, lemak, asam pedas, etc he does not fancy western or Italian cuisine. He is also particular against taking milk or cheese or onions. With that, I do try my luck sometimes serving him the food that I am experimenting and hoping that he likes it. Feeding my brothers are easier, they eat whatever I cooked, if I do not eat it then they won’t too. So it is easier for me to be the gatekeeper of my brothers’ stomach.

Preparing the fish dish was so simple, because to me braised simply means putting all the items together and let them cook slowly over the fire.

In this case, I laid out chucks of radish and big yellow onions at the base of the pot, and I placed the cut pieces of fish on top. For a note, I do not personally consume onions (I know the benefits but I just can swallow them anyway) but I do not want to compromise on the dish so I cut it extra chunky so that I can move them away from my dish when I am eating them. This is also to avoid myself from accidentally biting into them. I know, my reasons are funny but oh well…

Secondly, the sauce is created by mixing all the necessary wet ingredients and then simply pour over fish in the pot and that’s it. Cover with a lid and cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes and then open a few times to scoop up some of the sauce at the bottom to bask the fish. Continue braising it for about 30 minutes. It is important to over the pot, so that the steam could also help to cook the fish. Since fish are more fragile and have plenty of bones, I cannot stir it as much as I would like, so the method of pouring the hot liquid over the fish at regular interval is one way to mix the flavour too.

 After the whole process of letting it cook slowly over the fire, the radish will turn to a glorious clear chunk and this means it is fully cooked and has soaked up a lot of flavour from the sauce. If you checked Maangchi recipe (braised mackerel with radish) you would see how red the end product is, but for me, I used lesser chilli cause I simply cannot take that. So it was of minimal spice level safe for me to eat.
A side dish which I prepared was the steamed egg. It was darn simple to make and come on, who does not like eggs.

I just love the set of ramyun cooking pot, but trust me it cooks more than just Ramyun for me…
Tell me, what type of authentic cuisine do you like and have you ever tried making them at home? I have seen a lot of great homecooked recipes which my friends have made and that motivates me to try and experiment with more dishes. 

“If Yan can cook, so can You, 再见”


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