A weekend in Malacca with zsiti

By the time you are reading this, well I may be gone….not for good (sorry to disappoint some of you). I am just away in Malaysia lah duh. Hahahhahaha…

Personally, I do not think Singapore is lacking in sight seeing or things to see but then again everything needs money and its so expensive here. That is why apart from the regular trip to Johor or even Batam, I decide to write a post to Malacca. Seems like the last quarter of 2014, I am going up to Malcca quite often I must say.

Things do not change that much in within a few months so this is a epitome of single trip itinerary when I am in Malacca, Let’s Go!

I have stayed in various hotels, hostel and apartments in Malaysia before but nothing beats the standard of the room like Hatten Hotel. The place gives me grandeur feeling from the lobby all the way to the room itself. Driving to Malacca is as easy as 1,2,3 then it is important that we have the assurance of your car to be safe while you are there enjoying your holiday. Parking is a breeze and security seems acceptable at Hatten.

If in the middle of the night, you do not wish to go down for food yet you seem hungry, there is always that room service which you can call for. Oh my, did I mentioned that the burger was great? Succulent, tender beef patty between two piping hot buns, hmmmm mouth-watering indeed. Before I get your appetite all stucked to this burger, let me share with you samples of the other cuisine that you can get in Malacca.

That burger and soup tho 

Famous for the Baba & Nonya heritage, you should not leave Malacca without trying their Nonya dishes. Common dish that you would have heard would be like: Ayam Keluak, Lemak, etc for this time around we go for traditional dishes like: Salted veg duck soup, egg, assam fish, Squid, prawns and MORE…Scroll down to salivate (hehehehe)
Assam Fish

Steamed fish

Squid cooked in some sweet sauce

Sambal chicken

Sambal prawns

Fu Rong Dan (omelette)

Duck with salted veg soup
Another simply must have food when you are in Malacca is of course non-other than the Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball. For these 3 days that I was here, I did not ate once, twice but all 3 days, like What? I know, you can never get sick of them. I love hainanese chicken rice with such juicy meat. I do not have much preference for roasted chicken so I am not saying that it is not good but it’s not my preferred option. If you think I am crazy over chicken rice, let me make this statement “if the whole world would no longer have any other food except chicken rice and chicken rice only, I will be the most happiest girl in the world #period”
Shopping is also a haven for some here. You can choose to go to the shopping malls which have most brands that you will adore such as H&M, Forever 21, Watson, Parkson and more. Alternatively, to explore more of the cultural places, you are highly encouraged to visit Jonker street. Alleys lined with shophouses selling stuff ranging from souvenirs to food by morning and a bustling, busy night market on weekend evenings. Be ready for adventure as you can be buying snacks which you can never find in Singapore ever. Do not have any heavy meal before going to the night market, cause you will simply missed out on all the wonderful snacks that you can be buying and that will be sufficient to cover your stomach for the night.
fancy some bbq dried sotong?

old-fashioned yet rich with history
The shophouses have a classic old feel to it which makes one feel connected to the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. While walking on the street, just imagine how life was many years back, everyone will be busy peddling their business to the locals and also tourist and this have not changed even now.
If you fancy some traditional kuih, you can find them here at Jonker as well. For a nice afternoon snack to be enjoyed with a bowl of Chendol (another classic not to be missed), have them with pleasure cause you are on a holiday!
Chendol, a must have in Malacca
Coconut based syrup with attap seeds, green jellies and red beans topped with iced shavings and drizzled with gula melaka, hmmmm sounds so heavenly although I must add that I go for it plain without red beans cause “personal preference” 
Back to Hatten, for a wonderful breakfast spread to start your day, they offer an awesome breakfast buffett which is an energy booster for you to get out of bed and into your seat at the table.
Breakfast is served
Apart from these food adventures, there are other places which you should visit for the first time such as the famous massage parlors such as Hua Tho or Scents & Senses, Hang Jebat Mausoleum, the historical spots such as St Paul Church, The Eye and even the Nonya Peranakan Museum. If you would like to know more about Malacca, you can drop me a message and I would be glad to help you!
For this december holiday, where would you be?

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