zsiti discovered a New Shopping Haven

Before you continue reading, let me just say I have a piece of good news for my readers at the end of this post. Thank you, now excuse me…

Working was taking a lot of my time that I am spending most of it online, which is not bad and also not that good either. The only time I can be away is when I am overseas (oh i don’t think so).

With that being said, upcoming festive seasons and year end brings a lot of good deals to me. I can’t help it that I fell to a little temptation to shop online.
Like most of us, we like good deals and good value. I am not just referring to good prices but also the service and support of the platform that comes along with it.
 Recently, I came across Lazada Singapore and was simply browsing through the site. It gives a similar feel to other online shopping sites but one aspect of it which I truly love is the simplicity and clarity of the items on their site.

 photo komedi_1417296935856_426_zpsy1g0auha.gif

They may not be as big and extensive as the other major players but I always love things that start small and having the exponential growth. Browsing through the 13 different categories, I decide to shop for a few items from different category (which I need of course…right?).
One of my item indicated between 9-13 days (which seems like a whoooping long time), but there is an order tracking system which allow me to find out about the most updated current status.
As a general guide for myself for a generic item, I chose the ones which have ratings and stars to indicate positive product reviews. As a bonus, did I mention that I also did a comparison of the items which I wanted to purchase across various online shopping platform and Lazada emerged as a winner.

I love receiving my items on time and in one piece, oh how lovely are these? Anything that is on sale, I will love them and even if the sale is unexplainable or there is no reason, I STILL LOVE THEM.

Received my items in good condition recently and I am so elated to open my christmas gifts early! Woo Hoo…meanwhile some other items are still on their way~

Basically certain items are on discount on days and I can save up to 50% & More!

I Love Good Value (cheap!). These period, I am so stuck on the website because of all the offers and major promotions, especially after black friday and cyber monday, and I want it to go on for more than a day at least so that I can really decide before I click “add to cart”.
As much as I have a regular go-to brand for my clothes, I found Lazada to meet my needs for new gadget and home appliances (bring me that power bank and air fryer right now!). Just so you know I have a quite fantastic Wish List of my top 10 favourite items, I’m just waiting for the next moment they announced a good deal! (prays hard).

1) Naturai Air Fryer (ONLY $106)
2) Taiyo Garment Steamer (ONLY $71.90)

3) Stylux Electric Griddle, Multi-cooker XH3030 ($44.91) imagine all the korean meat bbq that I can do!!!

4) From the clearance sale category: Mini Cooli Portable aircon?!? ($12.90) prepare me for next year hot weather.

5) Travel toiletry bag (super big, cause I like it big) $19.90
6) Elizabeth Arden Summer Blockbuster Gift Set $49.90
7) Mipow Mirror Power bank $14.90
8) Dolce & Gabbana smooth eye colour duo eye shadow $19.90!!!
9) Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 @ $79.80

10) Disney Frozen Tickle Time Olaf  $59.90 (this cute dude is the most pops stuff for 2014!!!)
Where can I go wrong??? I can go on cause I would love to get more stuff but this page guided me: Join Online Revolution, knowing which day to get the best deal to shop. I mean why leave such thing to chance when you can have the certainty to know what good deal you can find on that particular day!
For all my dear readers, I have a special announcement for you! During this period, I have vouchers which I want to give away to you as a special appreciation for reading my blog. All you have to do is, tweet to me  @zsiti &/or comment on my instagram @zsiti_ “what item do you want to buy” and you may just walk away with those vouchers! While stocks last!
Meanwhile, here is a promotion code for you to spend at Lazada Singapore.

It’s the festive season of shopping everybody! SHOP & Be Happy.


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