Sale! Sale! Christmas Shopping

Don’t we all want to shop at Harrods all day long?

Upcoming Christmas Party? Birthday Parties coming up? Planning for the New Year?
Having that awesome party coming up and you do not have the right thing to wear, right shoes to match, the pretty watch to go along and NO right handbag to round it all up?
Yes, say it with me… “I need to shop”…
Its the end of the year and two of the most major holidays are coming up which also brings along a lot of partying invites to settle. Lucky for me, it is also the time of the year where there will be will plenty of discounts to go around because of all the festive season.
I have always been shopping for stuff online. Be it from sites like Amazon, ebay, ASOS, Singsale, Dorothy Perkins and my latest craze will be Zalora. I look forward to receiving the emails from my favourite vendors and there all hell breaks loose (okay maybe I am exaggerating but you get my point).
I have been working so hard and travelling harder these days that I do not have the luxury to go down to the stores to try on dresses and clothes so I have got to depend on regular brands that I shop clothes from and look at their newer design release. Familiarity breeds confidence for me to shop for clothes online.
When there is an online fashion sale in Singapore, trust me I will definitely have that page on bookmark in my Google Chrome bookmark manager that whenever I have time to take a look at the items on discount (or heck, I WILL make time to browse through the items online).
Currently I am making a shift in my wardrobe as the year is drawing to an end (I mean isn’t that how we organise our closet? I am not being a OCD freak or anything cause I am far from that). But weather change do play a part in the clothes I wear everyday.
As my work requires me to move around often and I do not get to sit inside an aircon room everyday, I only have a couple of jackets and cardigans. Apart from that, I love floral, casual style wear which is so appropriate for Singapore’s hot weather. Currently, I am into gold accessories and clutch handbags. It works so well for me when I travel too as it can contain all my necessities and it is always in my dear arms.
As much as I would like to get those loose chiffon dress but I do have to prepare for smart casual events. I like getting those pintuck blouse or boyfriend tops. Those are absolutely comfortable and throw on a jacket or cardigan and BAM! a whole new get up.
Now, when I buy stuff online, I love saving on deliveries too ( hehehehehe) I would combine some purchases with my friends or I would buy a whole lot of other stuff (which I need, of course) to match the whole set. Whoever will complain of too many bags, shoes, watches, sunglasses or (something else). I am thankful for the idea of having an online platform where we just point, click and select makes things easier for me. Bless the person who invented online shopping, you can’t imagine how much time it save me from shopping and travelling itself. But of course there are times when I just had to go down to the store to take a look at the items and try them on before I buy. Which brings me to the awesome returns policy which online store may have, they have really cover the concerns an online shopper may face when we do bulk shopping online.
In the spirit of the festive seasons coming up to, I have to get down to buy gifts and stuff for friends and loved ones. I will keep my eyes peeled for value discounts that pop up along the way to get that perfect gift!
So what else are you considering now? Discounts are up and you can browse right from the comfort of your room, Let’s Shop!
While typing this article, the author is also multi-tasking and checking out various online shops to spend some of that moneyyyyyy….XD

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