Korean Street Snack: Ddeokbokki (rice cake roll) 떡볶이

Remember that Stylux Electric Griddle from Lazada Singapore. I really need to thank them for such an awesome Christmas Gift cause boy did I put it to good use. For those who know me well enough, I am a mild fan of KPOP and Korean Dramas and also Meokbang BJ. For the last item if you do not know, you may have remembered that youtube video of the fat guy laughing madly and gleefully as he unpacked his food to it. Click here to refresh your memory.
Basically, in Korea it has been a longstanding trend where people eat food in front of their camera and talk to their viewers via chat room. All I know is they are paid somehow and I do not care why or how but I just love watching them.
There are times I get drawn and tempted into korean dishes and since, it’s hard to get authentic dishes as such, most of the dishes are attemped by me at home.
With the electric griddle, I chose this time around to make a wonderful dish called Ddeokbokki. This is like one of the most common street food which you can find in Korea. The best thing is, it’s so easy to make. However, I recently chanced upon an even convenient option…..Instant Ddeokbokki…Ta dahhhh (Like, please can you just help to clap a little bit please)
To twist it up, I have a favourite Meokbang BJ and I like the way they show how they prepare the food and cook in front of the camera before digging in. That makes me wanna use my griddle and induction cooker-All in my room. But one thing stopped me, that is food smell. I definitely do not want my clothes n room to smell delicious (it just does not sound right).
Anyway, a packet of the instant ddeokbokki contains the following:
Chewy noodles, rice cake roll, seasoning sauce and dry vegetables

The instructions stated behind the packaging seem simple enough to follow and after trying this twice, I must say the instructions are reliable. The recipe basically have a lot of boiling and throwing all the things together. There are not many complicated instructions involved and soon you are on your way to have a piping hot serving of Ddeokbokki. Just remember while preparing the ingredients, wash the rice cake roll and the noodle before cooking them. 
1) Firstly, boil 500ml of water and then place in the rice cake roll and the seasoning sauce. Simmer for two minutes.

2) Once the mixture have began to boil, add in the noodle and leave it for another 2-3 minutes
3) At this stage, you can choose to add in the other ingredients of your choice. Common options will be things like: fishcake, hardboiled egg, sausage, etc. For my recipe this time around, I added Japanese chicken karaage, chicken sausage and also break an egg into the dish. Basically, I was lazy to make hardboiled eggs.

4) For the final stage, I scattered Mozarella cheese all acrose the pan and cover it with a lid for 2 minutes. This will lead to the excitement of pulling strings of cheese from the ddeokbokki later.
 photo komedi_1419592910299_120_zpsj45f3xi9.gif
Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for about a minute, then it will be ready to serve. This have been one of the many recipes which I loved making really much.
Do try this dish at home and enjoy them with your family. Everbody eat!
To the last moment of 2014, enjoy it and see you in 2015.

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