Let’s welcome 2015

2014 was full of colours and vibrance for me. I also went through the thorough change of environment once again. Since I was still looking for what I really want to do of course, I want to exploit my potential to the fullest. But I am not willing to compromise my values at the same time.

It did not take a lot of gut or pain to let it go because simply 2014 was full of experiments and tests which I went through. So when the pieces do not match or click together, it is a sign to just let it go.
Since it was just a short term, I did not feel heavy hearted when I had to let it go, the memory was not strong enough to leave that loving impression on me to feel saddened. Instead I look forward to a much more exciting journey forward.
In 2014, was also the time when I turned 30 on 27th August and the first part of the year made me more nervous and anxious for this birthday than even before. I have no idea why, but the thought of starting my age with 3X seems demoralising at first. After that, however I got a bit more relaxed and chill with it. I am more mature, older and I learned to see and react to things better. There was no point in getting uptight over things, mainly life is short and we can really moved on in life anytime. I am thankful that I have been alive till I am 30 to see my dad well and alive and my brothers doing good in their own capacity.
Nearing the end of the year, I get more opportunities with what I love doing, social media and travelling. Work was also good on the sides of supporting my passion and what I want to do. So I am giving myself another one year to do good with what resources I have. Remember it’s not about having lots of resources then you can get things done. It takes a lot of meticulous and careful planning to maximise and work well with whatever you have. 
2015 if going to be busy, really busy if you are asking me, and what am I willing to forgo to get what I want? I can sacrifice my extra free or rest time, to optimise. Isn’t life about working our very best?
Here is a short montage of the new friends I met when I was out travelling or simply chances when I catch up with people who matters. If you are not inside, it doesn’t mean you don’t matter to me (u silly)… I have too many pictures to squeeze inside. This is just a brief throwback of my 2014. 

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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