Starting off right

No pain, No gain. Wasn’t that what we were taught since young? Well, I was. Whether in school or at work and even in books and materials that I read. It tells me the same thing. It has been imbued in me that I must work hard and reap the results that I want and till today that stands. 
However, with all the media and school systems teaching more about entrepreneurship, independence, efficiency…it all takes a change. It trains one to be much more flexible, agile and be quick in thinking and finding resources. That is why the society has long evolved from the biggest fish eats all to the fastest fish eats all. 

Are we lazy to be thinking of shortcuts in our business or work? The answer is No, because with that you simply can produce more, be more efficient and gets more ground covered. Coming from the old conservative way of working, where we are trained to be putting in effort beyond that 100% the new revolution is like a breathe of fresh air. It opens the eyes to possibilities that I can do precisely what I want and I must stand by it. 
This one year, 2015 is another period of trial (and no tribulations, please). Life has ups and downs but it is how we handle it that matters. I just want to focus on this blog- ZSITI Co. to accompany and thank my dear readers for the time they spent with me. To show appreciation to some, at certain point of time I would like to share some of my gifts with you as well. 
As to where will I be tracking in 2015, continue to follow me on twitter: @ zsiti and Instagram: @ zsiti_ for the updates. You can also get in touch with me via email:

Stay tuned to the other developments coming along the way!

Let down your hair and Happy 2015 everybody!

This has been zsiti.


“Journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step…in the right direction”

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