From behind the desk…

In the midst of 2014, I tried my hands to be behind the desk of a totally different industry. I was used to travelling, finding new places and meeting new people out in the open. But it took a change when I decided to fill in the position to serve others who were carrying out the same goal as me. 
Nonetheless, without any prior experience at all I joined the tourism industry, Nope not as a tour guide, Not as a hotelier but just in a quaint lil hostel right in Singapore. Did I ever mentioned that I was looking at Taiwan (my next favourite place ever so far) as an alternative to work in a hostel but I did not get any opportunity so far. That however did not put me down, because I make things happen. I have no time to sit around and wait. Cause life is short as we all know it and we can go out like a blip of light….phused…
Coming back to Singapore and at the place which I am serving right now, I learned one thing called Flexibility Professionalism. It took all my other work experiences and bundled them up together into a package. I was never more elated to be doing what I am right now. With my dream to have my own place to bring people to stay, I have to learn from the basics and from the right people. Things seem to be falling in place and all that matters right now is working hard and smart. 
Till then, let’s hope we meet in our path and I wish you all the best in your future endeavour! Do follow my instagram : @ zsiti_ and twitter: @ zsiti as I update more of where I am going!
This has been zsiti


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