You are my treasure

I have all the time in the world for my loved ones, If…I care for you. There is only one me and I have the prerogative to make my choice on who or what is important to me. I do not need anyone to tell me what to do because I am no longer a 3 year old kid.
Time passes so fast that 2015 is already here and we are halfway gone in January. Everyday when I am on my computer, studying a new language or doing work the clock plays a trick on me. The next second, night falls and then morning comes. I am scared yet I cannot control the feeling of anxiety that bubbles inside of me everyday.
New things and new challenges appear daily in front of my eyes and preventive measures have to be taken although we have to fall and get hurt to learn a lesson from it. That is why, I simply do not have time to be “Nice”. I get impatient with people who do not move as fast as what is expected of them just because they may be fresh from school or just entered the society or simply “just don’t care”. When I was 21, probably I had a little bit more time to hang around and doodle the whole day. But at 30, everything becomes a blur cause the repercussion of my actions comes back naturally fast. Everything is hanging by a thread now and like knitting, one wrong pull will make the whole knit undone just like that. 
There are pros and cons of that I guess…I get more stronger when I make mistakes cause I understand the meaning of saying sorry to learn and progress from there. I do not have time to be wallowing in sadness and “pain” and “agony” of worrying about my wrongdoing. Life goes on, the true meaning comes into play when one makes a mistake, saying sorry is to recognise that change has to be done. Life cannot get any simpler than that.
Till we meet again and talk about other good stuff 😉

This has been zsiti.


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