Jjajangmyeon 짜장면

You know that distinct mark on your TV, computer and even smart phone. Whatever means of devices you used to watch Korean drama or variety shows, you will definitely know this mark of theirs….Jjajangmyeon. Yes, it’s food oh glorious food. Nothing else gets my attention (oh wait, maybe not really).
I am a fan of meokbang videos (watching others eat on internet as part of my joy of deciding what dishes next to make). I guess it may not be a good thing cause even though I am not eating the food, putting myself in such a state of temptation will make the brain seem to be craving for food. Even when I am not hungry, my brain may tell me to go and get food to eat. So yes, I know the bad things which I am putting myself into but I am telling you I know. This means it is a choice I made. Those people are making money out of those videos because there are viewers who demand for it. Where there is demand of course there will be supply 😉
In this blog, this has been one of the most wanted dish on my list to replicate. Basically, it’s not easy to find halal Korean food in Singapore and even if there is, they only recreate the other dishes like the stew, bimbimbap and side dishes. I want to try the original bundle of joy (or some would call it Korean Black Bean Noodles…hehehhehe).
Recently, during my grocery shopping, I saw Lee Kum Kee’s black bean sauce was on sale. When I picked up the jar, I was even amazed to see that it is labelled halal! That changes everything, cause it can fulfil one girl’s dream…
I set out to get the few simple ingredients to make my jjajangmyeon and “yowza” it was awesome. Of course, the main key ingredients are as set out in the picture below. The improvisation would have to be things like chicken meat instead of pork, chinese black bean sauce (halal) instead of korean jjajangmyeon sauce. I added carrots and potatoes without onions or garlic (simply because I do not like them). At the end of the day, I totally love the simple dish recreated by myself.
As for the instructions of how to cook it, I simply followed Eat your Kimchi’s recipe along with other instructions which you can find online. I tweaked here and there a little bit to give myself a satisfactory meal.

This is the final dish, doesn’t it remind you of those shows where they will be squishing the noodle to mix the sauce together…oh yeah I know you know what I know you are thinking about. 😛

But of course, in all my excitement I forgotten my Danmuji (Pickled radish)! I was too excited with the sauce that I did not have any kimchi or danmuji or any other sides at home in my fridge. So just like Jackson have said “oh my stress”

 photo komedi_1421233491479_799_zpspnkhg7zz.gif

Now I can’t wait to try other dishes next and till we meet again!

This has been zsiti.


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