Throat Pain and Phlegm

The two Ps which I dislike when they come together is throat Pain and Phlegm. As the title says it all, this post will be dedicated to these two “friends”. Of course as always, I am here to look for solutions and offer my alternative suggestions.

I recently had a case of dry throat cough and hardened phlegm, it was still manageable as it only acts up a bit and I need to find the cure ASAP.

I beefed up immediately on my vegetable intakes and cut down on milk, chicken as well as fish (as these are mucus-causing food).
As we all know, H2O is another item which has to be increased by multifold. Since our body produces phlegm in order to fight the immune waste, this means our body is going through a “battle time”. By providing more water to our body, we are supporting the goodness to clear the waste and rejuvenate our body.

Don’t you feel horrible when swallowing food becomes a torture, not to mention even your own saliva. Dry cough is one of the thing which I dislike, recently I was unfortunate enough to land myself with a dry cough. I had some symptoms of phlegm which was manageable. The only thing was that it kept tickling my throat as if I had swallowed a fish bone, so it was very uncomfortable.

In order to faster soothe my throat, I made honey lemon drink for myself. I was lucky that one of my brother is in the army and the other is overseas, my dad works late and I had no worries that I may passed the virus to someone at home. I had to recover in due time.

Since my throat kept feeling dried up, the honey water helped to soothe it. Coupled with some lemon juice, the vitamin C content helps to boost my immune system and increase the body’s resistance to infections.

It was still not a great affair when swallowing my own saliva can give me a headache as well but I just had to diligently downed bottles of plain water and go to toilet as frequently as I could to “clear” my body.

I kept my warm water in the thermos flask for convenience

One last thing I did was the daily salt water gargling, as the bacteria which should be eliminated lies in the throat area, regular gargling helps to kill bacteria and reduce phlegm. The only thing was the inconvenience of it when I am at work. So I can only do this twice per day, in the morning and at night. But this is one process which I really stand by with faith that it helps improve my condition a lot.

So as a recap in no particular order:

1) Salt Water Gargle
2) Plenty of H2O (up to 15 glasses per day) and also Honey Lemon Water (I prepare a 1L bottle of this to bring around)
3) Cut away chicken, meat and fish (I attempt but sometimes I do snitch a few pieces during my meals, cause of temptation:( ). This leaves me with nothing more than fresh green leafy vegetables to fight my way to health.

Share with me, what are your go-to remedies when you start to fall sick or to prevent yourself from falling sick?

To those who are feeling under the weather, hope that you have a great rest and enjoy your recuperation!

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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