Start off the brand new year with Mango

Since the last few months of 2014, my mailbox have been utterly full for weeks and no matter how diligent I am at cleaning the mails it was a big challenge for me. If you are thinking then I should do about all the spam mails and stuff. Sad to say, I subscribed to those willingly and it’s because of the many festive season and year end promotion where I like receiving more of such discounts in my mail.
After settling down with New Year and for some start of school period, I revisited my favourite site, Zalora cause I was looking for new clothes and probably a new wallet * whispers, though I just gotten my Michael Kors a few months back (I am not a shopaholic).
Apart from browsing through my selected choice of apparels, I will also look at other brands which Zalora carries then I got caught on Mango. It has been one of the early brands which I used to frquent with my friends when we were in poly. Even when we started work, some of us loved going to Mango outlet at Wisma Atria to browse through the bags, clothes, jackets and even shawls. Seeing Mango’s stuff was on the site, so why not check out the available range of Mango’s women collection online?
I cannot believe the discount that they were offering for the dresses, tops and wallets even. Normal priced items were going off at S$49, S$32.50 or even S$29. Of course I did not hesitate to inform my few close friends who are Mango fans or simply fans of discounts to go online to check the items. (That’s what friends are for right ;)). A brand new year so a brand new set of clothes, doesn’t that make sense?
My friend, Linko showed me a few of the pieces she have gotten from Mango recently and I thought that the pieces were pretty nice and decent. It is definitely good to see Mango continuously producing good clothing even with other competitors targeting the same market, working women like myself. But there must be something that sets them apart, for me it may be the discounts but for some of my friends. Due to their petite or unique body shape, Mango designs and cutting suits them way better.

Personally, I fell in love with this top but since I am still looking at the other selection and to make things simple for me….This goes onto my wish list, so dear loved ones, if you do love me….buy me this please…

Did you know that if you are new to Zalora website, you can get $10 OFF your first purchase simply by subscribing to their newsletter. That is how I keep myself updated with any new release from Zalora!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti


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