Royalize Glitz Pageant 2015 [Actual Day]

Finally! The 2015 Kids Glitz Pageant just passed recently and I am thankful to be there for the event. Everybody was dressed to the nines especially for the participants who are going to glitter and shine on stage.
Before the main event begin, the whole area was bustling from the organisers, camera crews, make-up artists and supporters who were there to root for the fellow contestants.
I would have to commend that the venue this time around was a well-made choice as it was both convenient in venue and conducive for both participants and supporters alike. Even for those people who were shopping at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre were treated to a fun session watching the kids shine on stage.

As always, the table of trophies and gifts never fail to disappoint as it gives a shine of its own as every contestant would lay their eyes on the prize to hopefully bring home.ย 
Seeing the kids as young as 4 years old all the way up to 12 years modelling across the stage brings a lot of smiles and happiness to the audience. When they were given the free time to parade their talents on stage, some of the kids were adorable as they groove and dance to selected songs which they feel connected to.
Grooving to Frozen’s famous OST, Let it Go is never an obsolete idea. Basically, kids makes everything 100x more adorable. At the end of the day, Royalize International was looking for their Glitz Little Angel as well as Glitz Angel Face.

The format of the pageant was simple, there was a Facebook voting which went on before the actual day to determine the popularity of the kids (this was done on Royalize International Facebook Page) and the rest goes to the contestants “performance” on stage. I am sure by now the Judges would have had a hard time deciding the winner cause all of them were just dear darlings!

Before the contestants get to “play” on stage, we were treated to some powerful and soulful performances by Nurul Rahila, Jumali Sanotri as well as Juffri.

Let me treat you to some sweetness of the kids dressed in their fancy gowns and costumes as they follow the theme of Disney Princes and Princesses. From Princess Jasmine to Prince Charming, you name it they have it and the kids parade beautifully in their costume. Photos courtesy of Yaz Photography as the main photographer for the event.
Photo Gallery by

Guess who managed to squeeze time to drop by for the event, thanks for coming and showing your support for the event. Much appreciated.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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