My Experience of staying in a Hostel

Picture by Dallaskhl
I have a constant thirst for travelling and I need to make it a point to travel and explore new places. One way of covering more area as well as learning in depth of the place, I choose to stay in hostels or backpacking places.
The friends we meet and fostered along the way makes up a big portion of the reason I travel. Some of them are so kind to share beyond what I may be able to see at the places I visit because each and everyone of us travel for all different kind of reasons.

As time pass by, staying in a hostel or couch surfing get so common yet I do know friends whom have not experienced such kind of fun atmosphere. Even in Singapore, we do have a few good hostels which I believe holds a very important role in representing Singapore. They play the front role ย as a representation of Singaporeans and our culture to tourists.

What made me feel so happy and enthused about staying in a hostel? Simply because it reminds me of home away from home. There have been hostels I stayed in where I have the responsibility to change my own bedsheets, and return them upon checking out so as to prepare for the next person coming in. We have a communal bathroom so each and everyone of us have to ensure we do our part to keep it clean like our own home. A kitchen and fridge to cook and share food wherever is possible.

It makes travelling a whole lot fun and adventurous, since you never know who you are going to meet ;).
In Singapore, most people like to do staycations in hotels, enjoy the privileges of getting everything served at the call of your phone. Just order whatever you want, and someone will send them right to your doorstep. I have totally no problem in indulging myself with that sometimes cause we live to also enjoy and rest. I would also love to encourage friends to stay in a hostel to get that one time life experience. During your stay, you can never imagine that a simple sharing of your favourite drinking spot, or food can really make a difference to another person visiting Singapore. As I have mentioned earlier, when I am travelling I do not have the luxury of time to be seeing everything at one go. So listening to another person sharing on their own experience adds on to my knowledge as well.
In my next post, I will share more on a few of my favourite staycation spots in Singapore. Hotels and Hostels alike.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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