Birthday Sale Promotion!

In the new year of 2015, I am sure we have friends who are turning one year older. I mean I myself am going to be hitting the bigger 31 this year. After an exciting entrance into the Gate of 30 last year, it really seem like just yesterday when I was still in my 20s.
As of today, I have had a few friends whose birthdays just passed and many more are coming. As I grow older, I meet more people and made new friends. This also means that my list of people’s birthdays is also growing.

When ladies get together and shop, that will be one of our most serious time ever. But we do have fun trying samples and reviewing at the same the products.

Don’t you just get a headache sometimes from buying presents that as we grow older, we no longer need people to buy us gifts which may be unnecessary. Honestly, I would say “it’s the thought that counts”. So, there will be times where a small gift would be surprising and lovely.

So the deal here is, my other favourite online shopping portal is having some exciting discount with items suitable for birthday sale. Like how cool can that be. Birthday months have always been awesome as it celebrates the day which you came to this wonderful Earth. 

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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