Short Hair, Don’t Care by zsiti

Recently, I went for my long-awaited haircut since the Chinese New Year period. I am back with my ever favourite Pixie Cut. I have always been having short hair cause it saves me a lot of time and yes spunky is the attitude. I take great pleasure in parading my “crown” ๐Ÿ˜‰
The last time I had a pixie cut was back in 2012, which was not far off. But as one grows older, the expectation is to have a luscious lock of long, healthy hair. As most of you know by now, I dye my hair quite often and not that many of you know that I do regular treatment at the salon and at home too. So, I do my part to take care of my hair.
My Stylist once told me, if the product / colouring is damaging to the scalp then a lot of people would have lost their hair and the stylist would be the first to be affected. Only when your scalp is not properly taken care of and your hair is lacking of necessary minerals and nutrients that is where it will not be able to withstand the product. Never blame the products, reflect on your own self first.

With my short hair, another issue arise. Mistaken identity. Friends are concerned that others may mistaken me for a guy or a tomboy. I only take this as an opportunity to flaunt all my beautiful dresses and fashion. It is the moment to parade with confidence. I feel very lucky to be a woman as we have the choice to pants up or dress down…. I mean wear a dress or putting on a pair of pants (you get what I mean).
I am a fan of maxi dresses as it is so simple to match with everyday. With my short hair, it allows me to spike up the fashion. I can don on chunky earrings and accessories and it would not be too much or extreme (short hair, don’t care).
Although Singapore is known to be humid and warm, I have learnt the trick of layering. I can be wearing a thin inner and throw over a shawl or cardigan or just a simple outer wear. The latest trend which I have seen people wearing will definitely have to be the Kimono.

Okay, definitely not this one. Just for your information, I have no connection with any Yakuza (Japanese Triads) nor am I trying to pick a fight with anybody. It was just one simple, pure expression…heehee.
I went on my normal search online to find something similar to what I saw people are wearing on the streets. I searched on Zalora which has a plethora of clothes and fashion for everyone with the keyword: Kimonoย and so many options were presented to me!
I had a fun time choosing those on discounts off (from 20% off) and some of them which were in large size or with a free flow cutting. Can you imagine this is only 15% but I already have something similar to it although in a different colour.

The details and prints on the kimono outerwear are so adorable. But I would have to say “It’s those tassels which got me”…

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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