Boracay Beach Tanning

ZSITI was away for a short beach break recently, I was into some sun tanning for the purpose of getting some Vitamin E for my skin. Apart from the that, it was also another resting trip for me. There were plenty of things to do such as massage, henna tattoing, hair plaiting apart from the active water sports, such as para-sailing, banana boat, jet ski and also island hopping.

When on the beach, of course I was sure to apply ample amount of sun block lotion on my skin to prevent the direct exposure of UV rays onto my body and face.

At the Boracay Beach, the sun was really hot and direct exposure of just 10 minutes really made me perspire a lot. However, I really enjoyed the whole process of swimming, tanning and sipping on some iced, cold juice.

The funny thing was that although I find that the sun is generally hotter here in Boracay, it was not as scorching on my skin as compared to tanning at Sentosa. Unlike in Sentosa, just a short period of 30mins could give me a tanned and burnt skin. Nonetheless, I had to make sure that I follow through with my skincare routine regardless of the result of dark skin or not.

Especially on this trip as well, I also bought a darker shade for my foundation make-up to pass through the next few weeks. I’d continously moisturise and hydrate my skin apart from drinking lots of water in our sweltering weather when I am back in Singapore but that is of course a giving. Having clean water available easily to drink is something which we should not take for granted.

So what are the brands of facial skin care which you could recommend to me? Laneige, Innisfree, Clarins, Biotherm, Shiseido?

Lazada is having a discount for some of the well-known brand for moisturising and hydrating cream which is much needed for our skin daily. Do check them out and if there are products which you would highly recommend, do tell me so that I can also try them for my skin care routine.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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