Useful App in Singapore – Budget Traveller Edition

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If this is your first time in Singapore, I believe you must have done your fair share of research and study about her. In this post, I am sharing on my latest useful app which will be able serve your stay here very well.

I have done a post on app review for my Europe trip which you can read about them here.

Now in my hometown Singapore, I have a new favourite which I will recommend to Tourists exploring Singapore (even Locals like myself uses them really well).

Number 1: City Mapper (available both on Apple App Store and Google Play)

This was the bestest app when I was travelling in Europe and UK. It was such a waste that it was not available in Asia but we were given the option to “vote for your favourite place”. I believe many people did it cause by late April, I received an email informing me that Singapore now is available on City Mapper!
Woo hoo, the joy is real. This app which is like a lifesaver when I was in Europe and UK is highly recommended to whoever is travelling in countries which are on this platform. I downloaded the Singapore version to run a trial test on it to compare how useful it will be as compared to other current transportation apps in Singapore.
Firstly, it’s free. Then it incorporates the Bus Services, MRT, LRT, tracks if you choose to walk, cycle or even drive. When I talk about the public transport, it gives very detailed information like time of arrival, the exact route that each bus service will go to and did I mention that they include Ferry services as well. Yes, as dramatic as I can be…I LOVE THIS App. I totally recommend this to my friends who are visiting Singapore and yeah some Locals do need some help navigating sometimes 😉
Locals and foreigners alike, some of you may not have any data roaming services on your phone, it can be a hassle if you need to find some place with Free Wifi. How this app can help, just load the map of the place while you have internet connection and when you are out on the road, let the GPS system runs. This has totally nothing to do with data roaming so do not worry, it should not eat into your data whatsoever.

Another perk of this app, it has an indicator of calories measurement if you walk or cycle. It does not act like a normal gps support which will navigate while you are driving but it will “follow you” and track as you move. Dependant on your speed whether you are moving slow or at a fast pace, the app can measure an estimation of calories lost at the end of your journey (how COOL is that?) For those health junkie, go ahead and enjoy your run as you continue to enjoy our delicious local food on your holiday~

Next good thing about Citymapper, when you and friend have planned to spend a day on your own route, you can arrange to meet somewhere using this App and it can give a precise location to bring both of you together. You won’t have to miss one another or get irritated by mismatched timing or wrong location. Time saved and time well spent!

As (S)? a bonus, for live updates of the MRT trains, SBS and SMRT Bus services, twitter updates are linked directly into the App too. Any delay or breakdowns will be updated live and you can plan your route from there on.

If you need to know the current weather…need me to tell you where you can find the information (hint: App) 😀 ?

Download the App Citymapper, try it out like how I did and share with me how do you feel about it.

You can find me on twitter: @ zsiti and also instagram: @ zsiti_

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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