Suite (sweet) Staycation in Hotel Fort Canning Singapore

picture credit Hotel Fort Canning
My youngest brother gotten the family a room for our staycation recently. It was a wow-zing suite at Hotel Fort Canning. I have been there before to attend seminars, training and even a wedding reception. But I have not stayed in their luxurious suite!
This was an amazing experience for my family as it was a weekend away from home, yet near home 🙂

We were staying in the Majapahit and Governor’s suite, which was 94sqm big. Enough space for you to run about and do brisk walking inside the room Hahaha… Basically, the place was divided into the main room which is made up of the living room, bedroom and shower area. While the other space comprise of the dining room and a toilet cubicle.

As you can see here, there is an open bath tub blocked by the visor so this is definitely a lovely and ideal couple’s staycation. But no worries, they do have the-most-define-state-of-the-art shower facilities. The rainfall shower is so darn high that it really falls softly on you as if it’s REAL rain. I’m impressed.
Of course, my other brother also have to show his moment of arty-fartiness as if he is appreciating some Fine Arts at the museum. To me, these looks like bowls, meant to hold rice…and oh I am so hungry as I am typing this now…
As for me, I had my work to do, but I did my task of taking tons of pictures inside the wonderful suite. I had cups of coffee to keep awake the whole afternoon since I was up really early to prepare the food for my youngest brother’s party (yes, I cooked…a lot).
During bedtime, the gentlemen in my household, allow me full usage of the Queen sized bed, while they choose the sofa and living room area. But honestly, we were all very cosy and pampered to the max.
The next morning, we were all unwilling to leave this place, but one of my brother had to work (yes, on a Sunday). My dad and I checked out at 12pm promptly as good citizen to make our way home and continue our break over the weekend. I made a simple breakfast of bread and coffee before we left the place.

So where do you think I will be heading next? Or where should I be staying at? Is there any place which you would like me to go?
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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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