Weekender Spacation

Imagine, a weekend away from work and home. Just indulge in a moment of peace, relaxation and zen. 
You can now achieve all that in just an hour away from Singapore. I cruised over to a Spa Villa in Batam to enjoy such treatment. For a small package fee, you can buy yourself some beautiful ME time.
I contacted the Spa Villa at KTM Resort on their Day Trip Spa package. After seeing what it covers and all, I decided to head down to try them out. Our ferry timing was at 9.20am (SGT) and in about 40mins, we would have reached Sekupang Ferry Terminal in Batam.
Upon reaching, someone will be holding a placard with my name on it to bring us to the resort itself. The journey takes about another 5-10 minutes. At the resort, welcome drink was served (ice cold juice) good to combat the heat and everyone had a charming shell necklace given to us by the welcoming reception…oooh laa laaa makes me wanna dance that hula hula dance in Hawaii~

After a short registration, we were ushered to head down to the spa villa by the sea. The green water and sea breeze was good and calming to the mind as we strolled to the villa.
Our massage therapists welcomed us in the serene looking wooden room which opens up right to the sea. Our room meant for two person willl have two massage bed, bigger jacuzzi bath and also double of everything.

The treatment begins with a simple sea salt foot bath and scrub and then a Hydro Bath Jacuzzi. Living it up yaw!
As we enjoyed that moment to soak in the bubble bath as well as the nature of the sea which was right beside us, the body starts to unwind and relax. It was also the time to release the mind from the stress of work, being in Singapore and from the early rise that morning. This was all so worth it.
After a quick rinse, we changed to a dry clothing and bathrobe as we sat to enjoy the view while sipping on a cup of ginger tea and plain water. The key is to all hydrate, hydrate and always hydrate. 
This was to prepare us for the full body massage coming next. In about an hour and a half, I had the best of my life as the therapist massage all the stress notes away from my shoulders, back, legs and EVERYWHERE! The background music still plays softly which trickles to my mind and soothe my mind as I can recognise some classical music or even some instrumentals of recent pop songs. But I refuse to use too much of my brain trying to figure it out as I wanted to just enjoy my relaxation time. 

It ended with a 30 minutes foot massage and that was the bomb, cause the feet is the fundamental of a wholesome being. Okay, I may not know what I am talking about now but all I can say is I LOVE my therapist massaging skills! At the end of the session, I am one happy girl…
After we have gotten all dressed up, it was time for lunch oh and did I mentioned that lunch was provided. (I KNOW RIGHT, are you impressed or impressed right now?) Good deals can’t go wrong!

We were treated to a sumptuous spread of loveliness and deliciousness…Yummmm and right beside the sea. Ate till our tummy nearly bursted and next we were ready to go shopping.
Transport was provided 2 ways between the terminal to the hotel but since we were going to town to shop, we gotten the resort’s help to get a taxi. For a 20 minutes ride, one taxi cost around SGD10-13 which was slightly hire since we took from the hotel. But it is not convenient to just go out to the main road to take a taxi as the resort location is quite far off.
My favourite shopping area would have to be Nagoya Shopping mall. I would not touch a lot of my shopping deets here. If you want to know where to go and what to do, just leave me a comment in my blog or you can find me on twitter: @ zsiti or instagram: @ zsiti_
At the end of the day, after working hard enough your body would thank you for such pampering session which you can go with your family, friends or even loved ones.
Just imagine your body singing to you “Love Me Like you do”~
If you would like such wonderful sessions or even more, you can email to: spavilla@batamspavilla.com Someone friendly and helpful would be at the other end to receive your enquiries. One of their staff who assisted me throughout was Wani and she had been of wonderful help to bringing me and Linko over from Singapore right to KTM Resort!
Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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