Selamat Hari Raya 2015

For all my muslim brothers and sisters out there, we are reaching our fasting month soon. May I pray that we complete this holy month responsibility to Fast, abstain from unwanted bad things and spend this moment wisely to reflect on ourself as a muslim.
After the period of 30 days passed, let us all celebrate the new year with a brand new start and beginnings. Putting our reflections into practise with continuity. Do good and be good 🙂
I am guessing that most of us would be busy with the preparation of welcoming Hari Raya Puasa as well. New clothes, new furnitures, new household decorations, new food…wait what? Okay, so I am joking about that. 

The most exciting part for me would be going to the Bazaar at Geylang Serai. Shopping for kuih/snacks/cookies (Hari Raya goodies). Of course the latest fashionable Malay Baju will also be selling there and then. I look forward to going there with my friends and also with my family as we enjoy the lighting decorations that have been put up and celebrate amidst the air of festivities around the area.

But being a specific shopper, I like to do my homework first and see what is not just trendy yet will look good on me. I will do my Hari Raya Shopping online and browse through the various design. I prefer long maxi dresses rather than the normal 2 piece baju kurung and I will also wear it on other occassions after new year. But rather than just long straight cuts, the malay long dress aka jubah, can be in many different design and cutting. It does not necessarily have to be skin tight or shapeless but it can design with peplums, layers with “mermaid” line and thus making each individual dress unique. 
Personally, I’d recommend the use of scarf/shawl, brooch, bag or even a hat to accessorise the whole outfit.

What do you think would be the trending fashion in 2015?

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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