Growing by zsiti

The beauty of nature is all around us.
Open our eyes or we may not see them again.
Captured them once and kept them in our mind, that even if one day all these are to go away it will be etched in our memories.
The only setback is if the main connection is lost, then all that we have seen means nothing at all.
Does this mean, we should just give up and do nothing about our lives?
Again its a gamble that we are taking, I can’t explain in words
But as I walk down the sidewalk of the road, these words goes by in my mind.
Life goes on and life always move, even if we stop walking and stood still or lie on the ground motionless.
We grow, we age, we live and we die. It’s all the same for you & I.
What really matters then is today, cause today there is you and for me there is I

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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