Big Breakfast without Macdonalds

The perfect breakfast setting….

In bed, beside the bed, at the dining table or what is the most important thing that will define a good breakfast to you?

We all have that dream of a sumptuous spread prepared by our loved ones and served to us with a warm cup of coffee the moment we wake up. Awoken by the scent and aroma of fresh pancakes and omelette, the sensory game is real high.

I would like to say that I do enjoy making some good breakkie too and experiment with different ingredients that I may have. Preparing some continental breakfast to iHop style or even some asian cuisine like fried rice or korean steamed egg and porridge, the possibilities are endless.
Breakfast is an important meal of the day and I can’t stressed more on how important this is to me. I have had gastric flu since I was in primary school (do not ask me how long ago is that-cos it is not important), I can mainly attribute it to the irregular meals that I have and the timing of my meals. In recent years, as I grow older, taking care of the health is of utmost importance as I strive to be healthy and seek for a balance. 

Eating oats is a norm for me and coupled with some fancy dipshiat breakkie, it has become a run-of the-mill motivation for me. As I could feel my stomach pain gets less frequent attacks and the state-of-the art stomach cramps lessened over the years, I know something is being done right.
Sometimes, I do indulge in a little bit of rolling time in my bed and I will be left with quick last minute options like a chicken bao and siew mai or my favourite Yakult with some tuna onigiri…Yumm!

What type of breakfast usually gives you a kick early in the morning?

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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