Let’s have a cup of coffee

There are some people who likes to be very showy and be condescending while there are people who are just naturally so humble that you would enjoy talking to them so much. Fundamentally, we are here to support our family, friends and even people outside. Words can hurt and yet it can also motivate so we got to be mindful with what we say and how we behave cause we are not the only animal on this planet Earth.
My life motto have been as simple as, if I never try I wouldn’t know so there is a lot of things which I would try in life once and then I move on to other things. I do not see the need to keep repeating trying new things over and over again especially if I have not end in mind.
Similarly to my friends, whenever they want to try something new I do not see the point to be the wet blanket. All I can say is, “sure, go ahead” and I will support physically or mentally hahaha but I will be there to help them try it out. Even if I have the answer, I guess it is fair for them to try it out themselves. Let’s faced it, humans are mainly impact learners. We need to try it for ourselves to see the results and I guess that is fair for everyone.ย 
Even if I would like a cup of coffee every time, I do not want to waste such enjoyment, sipping coffee in Singapore Starbucks while people share their experience of drinking on top of a mountain or anything else. If we only listen to other people’s experience, when then can we call it our own? We gotta do it to feel it yo!
Literally, I dislike those who like to use the phrase “See, I told you so”. That just wants to make me wanting to slap across their face (in my mind of course ;)) Since I do not want others to say that to me, as much as I can I do not use that phrase on others too. I’d rather say “show it to me” or “let me see, what you can do”. When things go well, it is indeed a right call on their part but when things go wrong well this only means let someone else do it then.
All I can ever believe in is, fear moves nothing. If I am so scared of driving in foreign countries, the car won’t move. If I am so scared of being alone in a foreign country, I will never start my solo trips. If if if and more if, it will never work for me. Rather than all that, I would just do it as corny as it is or if it sounds like Nike or what, I don’t really care. I must say that is a good quote by Nike though ๐Ÿ˜‰
After watching San Andreas, it scares me a bit of what will happen if we were to die in a natural disaster as such. Especially what if I am away from my family and out of the country. With that in mind, let us all live our lives fully to the best. Appreciate our family, parents, people around us and most importantly, appreciate yourself.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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