Fear of flying

Just as some of you will know, I travel quite often or maybe not enough. But I have a slight confession to make and that is…..I have a fear of flying inside the plane. Everytime I am going on a trip, I always make full preparation at home or at work. Since life is really precious and we do not know ever when would life ends, I want to make sure that I am always ready if something goes wrong. It definitely didn’t help with all the missing planes or plane crashes or even Sewol tragedy, the fear gets more stronger with each calamity that happen.
The most strongest time ever will be when I am on solo trip, while waiting for the plane to fly off I get the most emotional and a strong wave of emotion will come over me. Is this what they call “anxiety attack or panic attack”? The worst that ever happened was silly ol me having tears streaming down my cheeks. I was literally wearing my shades in the flight, I have no idea if its the light making my eyes sensitive or what. But that experience was unexplainable.
I have got to admit that as I grew older, I discovered new fears that start to appear from within and popping out. This is not cool zsiti…ugh.
But all I can do is to take it like a woman, I mean having fear is normal and I kept reminding myself that I am human. Even superheroes have fear what (Superman and kyrptonite, Batman and bats, etc) So I am cool with it too, I guess hehehe.
As long as I am willing to take life as a lesson and move on with grace and appreciation. I will make every effort to live my life everyday to the fullest and with my family and loved ones. Cause Life is short and it can happen and end anytime.

Anyway, I have recently uploaded a channel on my Youtube channel: zsiti. You can check it out here:

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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