Simple Spaghetti Bolognaise

So I was in Melbourne recently and came back home 2 days ago. While I was overseas, I had all sorts of craving and sometimes it is just not easy to get them halal or just anywhere. The answer would be to do grocery shopping and cook!

In our airbnb home, there was just the perfect kitchen setup which I really love! Here is a simple chicken spaghetti bolognaise recipe for those time of craving.


Green Pepper
Sliced white mushroom
Angel Hair Pasta
Minced Chicken
Bolognaise Pasta Sauce
Tomato Puree
Basil and Thyme
Chilli Flakes

Some of the ingredients are optional, but these were what we had in the house and just like some magic potion, they come together like love and produce some delish yummies…

1) In a hot pan, melt some butter and stir fry the green pepper and chicken. As the smell of the meat and green pepper rises, I add in the mushroom.

2) When I can see the chicken starting to cook and turns white, I pour in the Bolognaise sauce and also tomato puree. I let it simmer till a slight boil, before I add in the basil and thyme.

3) Add some salt to taste, which I added lesser so that my guests can add in their preferred amount at the table. I dropped in some chilli flakes however to give that slight punch to the tangy sour tomato sauce.

4) Before turning off the fire, I dropped in another spoonful of butter to make it creamy and smooth.

5) While I was at step one, I also set up a boiling pot of water to cook my spaghetti. It was cooked till Al Dente and lastly, I tossed the spaghetti into the sauce and serve it at the table ready mixed.

For our meal that evening, we had lamb steak, grilled chicken and salad. It was a feast like some thanksgiving dinner. We were all very thankful for the delicious food on our table and that was also for our last night in Melbourne.

Pic credit to Ridhwannabe

Since it was the last night, I also went overboard with my pasta…HAHAHAHAH I cooked as if I was catering for hundreds of people (I mean, I like it big right). So in Jianhao’s word “Siti cooked like the caterers, so much”. I Like Ah!

Reheat a bowl of pasta in the morning and top it off with some sunny side up and BAM I had made myself a wonderful breakfast!

I am not trained to cook, but I am trained to survive by making food edible with whatever ingredients I have.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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