Be a great travel partner

Aside to all my Solo trips which I have started to go on since last year, I was taking step to be more independent or in other words, be less of a burden and get things done my way, just the way I like it.
What made me hesitate going on a trip with friend(s) would be things like a different purpose or simply, we have different interests. For example, I do not go shopping on trips neither do I go for the extreme sports activities. I am a fan of sight seeings and exploring the back ends or unexplored part of a country and nature. I love the Nature!
Now, what do you think can piss fellow travellers or friends? I have been told by a close friend that I have a bad habit of being a spoiler. Things that I have done or seen then I would have the habit to tell them before they try it out. I appreciate such feedback from a friend cause I do not want others to feel bothered by me like that.
There are times when we have to weigh the options by majority and learn to speak up on your preference. People who like to just accept the choice made by others and inevitably go along with a bitter face, is just a no no. I’d rather you stay in your room and reflect on that wall (we ain’t got time for that). So if your group of friends are heartless, care-less being…You need to make new friends (*hands-up, I am available)
TO sum it all up, I can only say travelling with friends is always about giving and taking and it can take on a literal meaning.ย 
Now. as much as I am enjoying my Solo trips and meeting new people. However, during certain part of the trips I would be reminded of how good it would be if I have a friend with me at that moment.ย 
We can do many things together like taking pictures, gossiping and even having those late night conversation together.
If you have not read my previous post on fear on flying, click the link here. I realized, on my own I will have all kind of thoughts that can make me breakdown in tears on the plane (trust me, it happened before).
But I found my solution and it all boils down to balance. I make plans with my friends and when I promised to do something, I will follow that plan. When I want to do certain things my way, I make my own trip there. In that way, I am only responsible for myself.
AS the caption that is popularly shared “it’s not the place but the company that matters” does it hold true for you? I can only say the time, place and people matter a lot. I used to believe that I do not want to go back to a certain place after visiting them once. Till now, I have been halfway across the globe and back n forth and I count my blessings everyday that I can do so. I no longer want to put such restrictions on my travelling habits as I am getting older everyday so I just want to live my life and cherish it will my family and loved ones as much as I can.
Work Hard and Play Hard, Stay strong love!
Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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