GO unwired (Headphones and Speaker)

Have you ever been tied in such a situation? When your parents called you out of your room…

 photo nbrt2_zpsp6ay0lph.gif
And that moment when you forgotten you were tied to your headphone, listening to music.
 photo nbxkm_zps3xaqjwpu.gif

Then your heart breaks over the fall
 photo nbrvs_zpsd9canneb.gif
This is all quite messed up, isn’t it?
 photo nbrqq_zpsqnqpanm9.gif
All I wanted to do is just listen to some music, can it get any more challenging then this? *Rhetorical question, don’t answer that*
I believe that most of us can agree that music is not just part of our lives but music is live. We listen while we are studying, reading, talking a stroll, jog and even when we are on the car/bus/MRT. Though we may have differing taste in music, the call is unanimous, we like to have some kind of song that will ring in our ears while we are doing something. 
Technically speaking, I am not a pro sound user or anything. I appreciate music as it is and as long as my equipments, headphone/earphone/speaker do their job I am happy with them. Recently, I was at the media event showcasing the sounds of luxury with leading audio brands, JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. Not being a true blue audiophile, I am ecstatic to get the chance to be there and be introduced to the state of the art high-fidelity sound reproduction equipment. I mean although I am just listening to good music, I always want them to be better.
There was a presentation of the company background, Harman showcasing their involvement in not just making sound equipments but how they are preferred in the industries by professionals and musicians as such.

Mindblowing? yes, Interesting? Yes to that too.

They had their product development managers from Netherland and Shenzhen to be there for the evening as they talk passionately about their product and their new release. The AKG N90Q caught my eyes with the sleek exterior and choice of Black and Shiny Gold. This is their limited edition design with an amazing characteristics unsurpassed by any others. This model is inspired by Grammy Award winning producer, Quincy Jones and it is simply said to be one of the most accurate sounding headphones in the world. Like how cool and confident can they get with such claim!

Any headphone with active noise cancelling technologies and patented ergonomic design will just draw my attention to it more and more. It just screamed “take me home” to me, I would definitely appreciate such music equipment which listen to my ears and does not just “play’ my music to me.
This gorgeous baby will be launching in their flagship store in New York this friday, at the whooping price €1,499.

Looking back at the other line of products for the evening, JBL bluetooth speakers were amazing. It range from compact, clip-on speakers to handheld speakers and also to moderately bigger speakers but the main gist is, it is still portable and mobile. So with that in mind, all the designs fit a different purpose and need that user may have. But with all the differences, they are still linked by a common button which will allow them to link up with one another in order to amplify the music. Rocks!
Retail price SGD $99

Retail price SGD$179
Retail price SGD$279
Retail price SGD$439

When it came to product demonstration session, I was blown away. Sitting in a reasonable sized room which can hold up to about 50 pax, the medium sized bluetooth speaker was playing the song with clarity and it can even link up to another speaker (via bluetooth mode) to double up the volume from different side of the room. The casing or the exterior of the speakers have been created in a way that it is splash proof and it also can withstand fall or shocks, that when the demonstrator striked a few of the bluetooth speakers off the table, I was shocked instead (XD)
Well, the speakers were functioning well as per normal after that “fall”.

One of the model, Charge2+ also would appeal to most of us. How many times have we ever experienced the moment where the bluetooth speaker is ready but our ipod or handphone’s battery is low or dead. Well, in this Charge2+ bluetooth speaker, it has a 6000mAH battery space that means, you can charge an iphone6 4-5 times. While you are playing your music, you can charge your device at the same time! There you go, prolonged music play without worry of dying batteries. Now we can go on that road trip drive and have music all day long. 

During my recent trip to Melbourne, we had our music source from a bluetooth speaker and although we were driving and stuff, we kept minimal stuff or belongings inside the car (for safety purposes). Dragging along the speaker can be quite bulky but it wouldn’t be nice to compromise quality of sound by using another smaller speaker just because we want convenience. 
Thus, introducing the Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini! It looks so good and sleek. I must say it is truly sexy~
It boast of redefining elegance AND performance in an all-in-one speaker. The beauty factor of it, is the slim casing which allows it to slip right into the pocket of your jacket or bag. With a leather strap, it can pass of as an accessory too.
This is elegance, sophistication and extreme portability just fitting for my style!

This is how we do it~
The future is going to ring in clarity and high quality sound. That is how we are going to enjoy our music and enjoy Life.

Here are my new babies, AKG Y40 in my favourite colour, blue and a solid red AKG Y23 ultra small in-ear headphone to give ultimate comfort to my ears!

Which of the three series is your favourite? JBL, Harman/Kardon or AKG.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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PS: As a Bonus, here is the splash proof demo for your enjoyment

keyword: Churros

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