Sorry that School Holiday is ending

By the time you read this, school holiday may have ended, RIP, gone, eaten up just like that. But no worries, cause it does not affect me at all…HAHAHA Ok, I’m sorry about your really.
What I am going to share with you is the same which I would also tell my friends who are working. There is a time to work/study and there is a time to play. To rest and recalibrate is an important aspect of life which we must adapt. Such a balance is important to ensure that we are kept healthy and do not fall sick easily.

Then again, are you really down with sickness or simply sick school/work? *wink*

We have 7 days a week, rushing our assignments, projects, deadlines, etc. Do we give ourselves time to enjoy ourselves. Now don’t think wrongly, I mean I am not telling you to be some selfish prick and think of yourself only. 

Did you know that setting time aside for yourself just that 1-2hours a day can be absolutely powerful for you?

Tell me, when was the last time you tells you to take a break, when did you ever tell yourself “take a break mate”?
Getting that simple break on weekends to get some sun, playing some sports with your friends or just going for a walk with your parents is a luxury. A time to cherish and enjoy. Have the time off from your devices, meet real people talk face to face. Have meals together and chat about life away from your smartphone or ipad or laptop. We are no longer getting physical with one another that we get drawn away from the human touch. 
What is sadness, what is loneliness? Is there really no one out there whom you can talk to?  Have you ever thought that you can be the person to communicate with others who have the same thoughts as you?
Many of us may not understand you but you, you can definitely understand another person who thinks like you. And you need to befriend them. How to go about doing it? The answer lies in your heart. If you are really sincere to seek help or render help to others, you will find the way. 
See the vision and set out your purpose.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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