Travel Essentials in-flight with zsiti

Do you ever feel like travelling freely sometimes and not bothered with bringing anything. SO that you can just buy, buy, BUY as and when you might need stuff.
Well, I do but the practical and reasoning part of my brain would stop me from doing that. Hahaha, some lessons were also learnt when I assumed things can be found easily in another foreign country which I may not be able to. With that said, I do not plan to bring my whole wardrobe, or room or house with me but essentials of course. As the name explains itself, things which are essentials that are important for me.
Taking a long haul flight anywhere more than 4 hours to me is considered a chore which means I must have some entertainment, care and concern on board with me. That would mean proper company on board would be quite important. Here is a list of items which I would have in my hand-carry luggage that would meet my needs while I am travelling:
– Money
-Bank Card
-Driving License
-International driving permit
-Basic make-up: cushion foundation, face moisturiser, sunblock, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lipbalm, Cetaphil Cleanser
-Travel brushing set (social responsibility)
-Mozzie Repellant patch (Not everybody needs this but I DO)
-Po Chai Pills (I never go wrong with this)
-Sunglasses (protect my lovely eyes)
-Macbook Air
-Iphone + Charger
-Plenty of tissue papers and wet tissue
-Travel Adaptor
If you want to see what are these items which I am talking about, I have uploaded a video on it too on my Youtube channel:

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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