Farm Life

Okay although my title is as vague as your future..Okay I am just joking. I have no plans totally to move to a farm and stay happily ever after…I am still a city (siti) girl. My friends and I went to a farm in Melbourne and I got to see a lot of animals which I didn’t really appreciate in Singapore Zoo probably. But the weather really plays a part cause it made everything super enjoyable.
We had a tractor ride to go through the Kangaroo compound, felt kind of wasted as we were not able to touch or feed the kangaroos. In fact, I felt like I was the display in the cage….total opposite of how Singapore Zoo makes us feel XD. Here are the Kangoooos when we were inside the cage, pulled by the tractor driven by the charming Ang Moh (don’t judge my taste cause I judge myself most of the time, hahaha)

I think we did well as we still managed a peaceful smile though we were “locked” inside the cage.ย 
The highlight for my trip was not the goat feeding or petting of the animals as the rest were very enthusiastic about it. I met an Alpaca…oh may llllaaaamaaaaa alllpaaacaaaa….
Out of all the ones that were out on the field, I found one with that “Attitude with an A” and I love him so much. Right, I can’t tell whether they were male or female so I will just go with the flow~

After the whole show, it was the after party …. the rest of the squad went to the petting farm hahahha to feed and play with the sheeps and goats. I just enjoyed taking in the cold air and looking at humans playing with animals (getting freaky with it, okay maybe not).
Back in Singapore, I know of the only animal farm which I used to go for my company meeting and stuff. We love the outdoors and nature, so having meeting in such a place is uniquely special. But only recently did I know that we have one such animal farm. Let me go around to get some pictures and I will share with you more on what goes on there. Discover what Singapore have to offer and since she will be turning 50 this year, spend this time to get to know her better #SG50 ๐Ÿ™‚
Do you want to see more of the adorable pictures of these humans cuddling bunnies and guinea pigs and also the adorable animals at the farm?
Well you can…
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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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