Singapore Blog Awards 2015

It’s the second year that I am attending the Singapore Blog Awards, and it gets glamorous every time. The theme this time around was also interesting, Time Travel. It really open a whole range of unlimited ideas for the costume. Live performances, photo booths all around and also games booth to make the whole evening enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone. Let’s not missed out on the food buffet that was served as well.

Attending the event, there are always the serious bunch of regulars who takes playing on a serious level, dressed like the the characters from back to the future, the glitz of the 1920s and even the kampung times. It took the playing field to a whole new level. I thought I saw a Pokemon trainer but then again I must have seen wrongly (XD, seems like the guy from back to the future). Congratulations to the lucky “old” couple who won the audience over (including me), kudos to the effort for dressing up!

The event this year was help exclusively at F.Club Singapore. It really looks different to see F.Club at such a more quiet time then usual. The award nominees and presentation went on to cover categories such as, Best Family Blog, Fashion Blog, Food, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Blog, Individual blog, Topical blog and Travel blog. Speciallly for social media influencers, there are also categories for follower’s choice covering Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
You can find out who are the lucky winners from the site here. Congratulations to all of them!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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