Great Summer Drink!

Are you up to the summer heat? oh well, even if you can’t take it, there is no way to avoid it!
So here is a simple summer recipe which you can make it in the convenience of your own home and chill out comfortably….Presenting to you the humble Watermelon Sorbet.
To re-create this drink, all you need is watermelon and sugar syrup (which is totally optional). If your watermelon is already sweet then you can totally skip the syrup.
First step: 
Cut up the watermelon into cubes, store them in a covered container and freeze them for about 4 hours or more.
Step Two:
Blend those pieces, at this step you can add in a little bit of water to lubricate the blending as the watermelon cubes are frozen. Add in the sugar syrup at this stage as well.
Carry on blending until they turn into a slushie consistency, then pack them once again into an air tight container and keep in the freezer till you are ready to serve.
Scoop them into small mini cups as if you are enjoying some high flying ice dessert, great for Singapore Hot weather.
If you need to see visuals of these drink recipe, you can watch the video below on my youtube channel: zsiti.

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