Ssshhh, Keep it a secret

Secrets, secrets. Don’t we all have a little bit of dirt on ourselves? I mean, we are not perfect so it is only fair to know that we have a private little stash of information that we keep away in a cute little box.ย 

Like any of the Superheroes, they carry a secret identity. A normal worker by day and vigilante by night. Then again, not all of us Are Superheroes who fight crime to begin with yet we carry a kind of power to be able to solve some mysteries and problems at work/school. With that I suppose, it can be considered sort of a heroic act, meh.

As curious as it is, keeping secrets is never a fun thing to do. There is a lot of things going on inside of us and yet we cannot go around saying it out, which can be burdensome at times. The bubble of happiness cannot be shared, the pain of sorrow have to be kept inside or simply you just have to shut your mouth all the time. It is quite taxing at times.

But for all we know, this is also a form of respect for other people, as their lives unravel in public to the scrutiny of the public’s eyes, these people are human too. They need to let themselves breathe and not be holding in their breathes all the time as if they are mannequins. That is the point, there ain’t no dolls, they are human!

Within a circle of friends, the importance of trust and faith should be in each individual’s heart. What is the point of having friends who will always have secrets about you, against you or without you? Do I need platic dolls around me? Or should I even ask this question: what are friends for? When I work, I see people, I deal with people and I meet people. When I die, I die alone, i go into my grave alone and I will still be alone. Honestly, I do ask myself why bother keeping friends who are not real? It simply does not matter at all.

That opens up to me being straightforward and sometimes speak directly to your face. Well, if you can’t take my feedback and opinion of how you are irritating to another human being, then I would not need such irritant in my life. I have no problem not knowing less one of you #human

I wonder does this mean that it’s time to get rid of that secret blog? Hmm

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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