Meditation power with zsiti

Sleep, when will it be enough? When we have 7 hours of sleep, we still get tired the moment we wake up. When we have limited sleep of 2-3 hours, we will also complain of being tired and having lack of sleep. Does that mean, we are just problematic beings who can never be satisfied with such simple pleasure of sleeping? Have we evolved so much so that we get complacent over basic human need?
“Sleep is for the weak?”, ” We can sleep all we want when we die?”, “Sleep? What is that?”
Have you heard all these phrases or was it just me sprouting nonsense, haha! As I grow older, I thought that my body needed more sleep but in fact I get to sleep a little while and then I can be disrupted easily. The worse problem is the disruption of my sleeping pattern. Let us not discuss into the fact that environment change plays an important part as well. Since the weather in Singapore gets hotter, my body gets tired easily and makes one drowsy in the afternoon. In the evening on the other hand, my body temperature is lowered to a comfortable level that it gets so fresh and energetic after shower and stuff. I will be refreshed in mind and body to do all other things except sleep.
Talk about meditation and self calming method, that is a weekly affair that I have to make a date with myself as I age since I notice that if my mind cannot control itself, I should take charge.
I am thankful still that I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere so travelling will never impose a problem on me as I have no problem falling asleep in a foreign place. Meditation in fact simply helps me to calm myself and get into deep REM sleep. I spend a good 15 minutes on instructional meditation which I play on my phone before I doze off or it relaxes me before I take a silent night. 
As cliche as it is, I log on to or via the app in my iOS to have a couple of minutes of letting go.

 photo komedi_1439488211739_41_zpsjeakediy.gif

That few moments spent are amazing and you should definitely try it as well if you have the time. Remember, sleep does no one else good but you. Claim your great sleep today!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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