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Sometimes it is good to be able to get away from home just to relax. A Singapore staycation may suffice but wouldn’t it be better that you can travel overseas to totally take your mind off work or school. Just an hour away from Singapore, I went over to Batam for a 2 nights stay. In search of a totally serene and peaceful indulgence I chose to return to Harris Resort. But this time around instead of staying in their normal room I made reservations for the Japanese Suite room.
Apart from the different type of suites that they have, there are basically only 2 of such Japanese-themed room. I booked for the trip way in advance and was so excited as the day approaches. The service starts right from my enquiry stage all the way until I reach the resort. 

Harris Resort have prepared for us the relevant ferry tickets (which was Sindo Ferry). I took the morning ferry at 1130hours SGT and by 1230hours SGT we reached Waterfront terminal (which is the nearest to the resort-about 5 minutes drive only). 

After clearing custom, a land transfer was provided to pick us up to go to Harris Resort. The guests were welcomed with a dance and drinks while we wait for the hotel staff to check us in. By now, the mood has changed from excitement to releasing of tension and wait. At the same time of course, our stomach calls out for food. 
Upon check-in, we also received our breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons (YES! All were provided for us). We also had cable ski coupons (FREE SPORTS) and complimentary massage (1 Hour Indonesian Massage). An astonishing catering which is of course to our delight!
Taking things slowly and steadily, we went ahead to order room service. Our Japanese suite had an attached living room set with tatami mats and low table, just like the real thing. We proceed to have our meal there. It was quite a spread that they have on their menu but I am more impressed by the fact that the food quality has stayed the same deliciously over the past few years. The food were all Halal, and yes food choices were plenty.
Enjoying the great onsen view inside the comfort of the air-conditioned room, I must say that I am very happy with my day so far. After the satisfying meal, a nap is a must. Okay maybe rest, some TV, some drinks and some sleep definitely we needed that sleep. Before I start bombarding this post with nonstop pictures of food and drinks, let me show you the arrangement of the Japanese suite. Just a note that although we had two toilets in the suite, it was an ordinary layout that is nothing worth mentioning except of course that cleanliness expectation was met! (thumbs up)
Our first night dinner was at the Harris Cafe utilising the dinner coupons which was given to us earlier. It is a must for me to have the Nasi Goreng at every hotel I stay in, so for this dinner it is no exception as well, one Nasi Goreng (without onions) for me. After dinner, we basically went back to the room to catch some movies on TV and just relax and chill on the bed. The bed was magical, it kept calling us and I suspected that the bed wanted to hold on to me and never let me go….Haiz such a troubled love affair. XD We had to wake early tomorrow morning for breakfast and out to Nagoya Hill for shopping and massage (IndoThai)
Breakfast was buffet style in Harris Cafe serving a huge array of asian food as well as cold cuts, cereal, porridge, salad and of course desserts. You can have a choice to have everything but well we are in Batam, we can never run out of food, so spare a thought for your stomach. Eat only to energise you in the morning. Harris Resort also boast of their awesome swimming pool which is in the main view of the whole building of the resort and the weather was so good to just go for a quick soak or swim. Apart from swimming, of course there are plenty of activities that you can do here. There are water sports like our cable ski, banana boat, etc. They also have paint ball, ATV, fishing, bowling (the list seem endless as the resort is quite far away from the city area so they have to keep the guests happy with plenty of things in their resort).
While we were at Nagoya Hills, we did spa and foot massage at this place recommended by a friend, IndoThai. I am not so keen on doing a body massage on that day so I opted for 1.5hours of foot and upper body massage. Next item on our itinerary was shopping at Nagoya Mall. As always, the trip is AmazeBalls! I am in love with their Hypermarket, where I wish I can bring everything home. Snacks and Food are wowza! There is A&W, JCO, Godiva, like you name it and they should have whatever you are looking for. Now by then this is just lunch time, basically one whole day is spent here before going back to Harris Resort with our loots. 
For dinner, we went our for a short 5 mins drive (basically, it’s right beside the waterfront terminal) by cab from the resort itself which will cost about S$4 one way. The cab driver would usually offer to stay and wait so that they can fetch you back to the resort when you are done. 
Now let me talk to you about the food, if you want seafood, crab, prawn, fish,sotong, clams, whatever at a fraction of Singapore’s prices and a thousand times more flavourful taste. I have come here plenty of times and they never disappoint me. we got our food and drinks and stomach happy before we went back to our suite.

 For our last morning, we finally utilised the complimentary 1 hour spa voucher after breakfast. The Spa salon opens at 9am while breakfast starts from 6-10am. Free play for everybody. I skipped breakfast and the massage cause I treasure my sleep. But my friend went for the massage session to rejuvenate and relish. meanwhile, I got myself room service to send me some food for breakfast. The club sandwich was a hit!

By 1130hours, we had to get ready and pack our stuff to go home. Our ferry back was at 1320hours, but we wanted to have our last lunch at the Harris cafe with our coupon. We checked out from the suite and say goodbye as the porter took our stuff down. Lunch was simple, we had steak and salmon and then time to hit back home.
I guess to-date, this is one of the most amazing 3d2n in Batam ever and I felt that we really accomplished a lot of things on our itinerary. Mainly, rest was sufficient and we both came back rejuvenated like never before. The Japanese suite at Harris Resort really took my breath away and I would highly encourage you to try it out once. 
You can drop them an enquiry email: and if you do not want to get a full all-inclusive package like mine, you can choose to get just the basic package of room and breakfast or include the ferry tickets as well. They are nice people who can help with request that you may have.
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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.


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