What to do with this SG haze?

Although my post title seem to be providing answer on what you should be doing during this moment of haze, let me reveal the answer to you….Are you ready?
The answer is…..nothing. Nothing that you can do to make the haze go away, we have just got to live with it until there is a solid solution to the burning of the forests, but for all we know there is no such answer yet.
Alternatively,  the things that we can’t change there is definitely no magic that can change these events but what we can do will be Self-Change. There is nothing difficult or mysterious about that, what is being referred to self-change simply means creating a new habit in our daily life. This starts from what we eat to what we do daily. 
Haze will not affect those elderly, young children and people who have breathing-difficulty but everyone of us can be affected by it. It is just dependant on how strong is our immune system and body to not break down by it.
What can I do during the haze?

Eat right, sleep tight and breathe right. Fundamentally as we ourselves are filtering the air which is full of toxin and dust, we have to “cleanse” our organs daily as well. 
As many would have said, drinking more plain water, fluid will help to flush our lungs and kidneys which may have been overworked with all the dust and dirt in the air. Continue drinking if you have been doing so and increase more if you have not. We need to moisturise not just externally but internally as well, so plain water fluid is the most preferred to key our body hydrated.
Eating right, plays a part too. Since our immune system acts to protect us from infectious agents that exist in the environment, we need to feed it with the right nutrients to strengthen and enhance the immune function. In the British journal of Nutrition, it was mentioned that nutrients that have been demonstrated to be required for the immune system to function efficiently include essential amino acids, essential fatty acid linoleic acid, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C,E, folic acid, Zn, Cu, Fe and Se. Increasing the right amount of intake of deficient nutrients back to our diet can restore immune function and importantly build resistance to infection.

Enough of the gibberish scientific name of metals and compound, pfft yeah! Food is right for the body right now includes fish rich with Omega-3 fatty acid such as salmon or cod, green vegetables, fruits like oranges/pineapple/berries, egg, lean meat and white meat such as chicken or turkey, tofu. prunes, sunflower seeds and many more. Basically of course, avoid fried, oily, extremely spicy food.  Food which would normally gives extra stress to our stomach and body, let us avoid it for now. We do not have the time to let our body suffer internally as well as externally.

Sleep right and tight, when we are sleeping, our breathing gets heavier and deeper. What I experienced when sleeping in a non-airconditioned room was having a headache when I woke up after a nap or a long sleep. Notice that my windows were open and there was a strong hazy smell inside of my house. I can imagine all the dust particles going into my lungs and other organs while I was sleeping. Not all of us have the comfort of having aircon units at home, so we simply can’t turn on the AC and lock our windows. *Cue* call the ambulance cause we will suffocate inside our house. What you can do is, slightly open the window and turn on your fan and let it oscillate to blow towards the window. This way it will circulate the ventilation in your room and at the same time, at least it will prevent hazy smoke from coming into the room while you sleep.

Breathe right, as much as we are wishing for the call. We still have not received any notification that work and school will stop due to heavy haze so we still have to be out in the open even for a short while. My essential items aka what’s in my bag: mask (recommended N95), handkerchief and a fan. The paper fan works very well when the weather gets hot and clammy. Personally, I get very uncomfortable wearing the mask cause it stifled my breathing. I minimise the time I spend outdoor especially during late afternoon to evening where the haze starts to ascend compared to earlier parts of the day. I get to experience the whole haze package especially when I am on my way home from work :\
Keep healthy everybody and take care!

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