It’s a beautiful life, period.

For my dear female readers, yes you! We have one thing in common and that is of course the Visit of the month. I have never talked about this topic before but there is always a first time for everything, right? 
When I go for pad shopping, I look for 3 main things, price, review and length. No matter how good the advertisement can be, without any real person that I know of using it, I am quite reluctant to spend extra bucks on a pad. So no matter how many special features (yes you heard me right: features) or extraordinary marketing that is being done, if it is not tested and proof then it is a no-go for me. Anyway, a pad is still a pad.
Now let me talk about the worries that women have when we get our period. Leaking, overflow, cramps, mood swings, oh the list can go on but it all boils down to one thing, if it stays in, then everybody is safe (hehehehehe!). I remember growing up with one brand of pad which my mom talks about, my friends talk about and boy everybody refers to pad with the same name “Kotex”. It is one of my well used and safe brand which have been with me over the past many years. 
As more brand appears in the market and on the shelves, it gets more competitive to come out with better products. Thus it boils down to only what I want to get. Going back to using a pad which is priced right, yet effective and suits what I need. I am talking about non-other than Kotex Luxe. 


The all new Kotex Luxe ultrathin pad ($5.95 per pack) have up their game to bring softness and dryness together on your period days! While using it, I was wondering what design engineering have been put through to create such magical wonders. Then I noticed the new Honeycomb Liquid-Locker which was specifically designed to rapidly absorb and lock-away fluid to prevent backflow, surrounding that is the soft cottony surface which provides intimate care for my skin. Not only that, the embossed star-contours also in providing additional security and leakage protection.


During the daytime, I am very well aware to make a toilet visit and personal check every 1-2hours and also change pads regularly (every 2-4 hours, for hygiene purposes we should make it a good practise to change pads regularly as our used pads can be a popular spot for bacteria to live on). The worry comes when I am sleeping, cause I have no intention to wake up every 1 to 2 hours to make toilet visits and disrupt my sleep. When I was using the Kotex Luxe night time, firstly being “long” at 32cm, it gave me an assurance as I toss and turn in bed while I sleep, and when I do go to toilet about 3-4 hours apart I did not have the need to be concerned of overnight leakages! Sleep was relaxed and abundant, this is it! 
This is the pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault.

As much as I can say all the good things that Kotex Luxe have done for me, I want to let you ladies experience the same things too!

Redeem for your free sample on Sample Store here: 
You can also get a free sample from Kotex Facebook Page: Go on and try them today!

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