Easy Homemade *Coffee Facial Scrub

pic credit: Gentlemen’s Coffee Company
Yes, we all love to chill with a cup of coffee, nice music and a good book. Did you know that apart from drinking the coffee, you can actually use the coffee grounds for other purposes?
In this post, as you can see from the title, I am going to share with you a formula to create a facial scrub by using coffee. You can find the formula elsewhere too cause it is so simple that you just have to try it. In fact, let me share with you more on the benefits of coffee.
Firstly coffee  contains antioxidant, where they help to protect skin cells by fighting free radicals and thus prevents premature ageing. 
Secondly, in a patented formula done in the US, caffeine is known to be effective as a skin caring agent. Caffeine can reduce inflammation and depuff eyes. Being known as diuretic, it can help to tighten the skin and banish cellulite when applied topically. 
Thirdly, Coffee grounds can also exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells and leaving you with smooth skin. After the first time using this formula, my face brightens and the feels refreshed from the exfoliate. As my base was using olive oil, my skin felt really moist and enriched after cleaning away the scrub.
Here is the super simple formula for you to try making your own facial scrub at home:
1 tbs Olive Oil or Water
1 tbs Old Coffee ground
Olive Oil, this is meant for face/hair/body but not for consumption
Use old coffee grounds, medium-dark roasted are known to be high antioxidant
Mix the two ingredients together in equal parts
Yup, slather them on your face baby!
You can add the parts equally or you adjust the amount of olive oil based on how liquid or dry you want your scrub to be. My advise is if you keep the scrub less watery, it will be easier to apply on your face. Take note, this could be a mess if not handled properly, so do it over your sink or have a piece of cloth to catch the fallen residue.
Before I apply the facial scrub, I wash my face with a facial cleanser and wipe dry.
As you gently scrub your face in circular motion, move upwards from your chin to your cheek, nose, temple and forehead. Focus on hard to reach areas such as side of nose and also tip of nose to clear those blackheads as well. As the coffee ground can be quite rough, do use this facial scrub on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It is not recommended to be done daily as it can be detrimental for your skin. 
I avoided the thin skin areas such as my eyes and lips and I would not advise you to put especially on your eyes in case the residue gets into your eyes. As for my lips, I have another formula for lip scrub which I can share with all of you another time.

After the scrubbing process, I used a clean towel to dust away the coffee ground and then another warm towel is being used to clean up my face. No moisturiser is required as this facial scrub would not dry up your skin. In fact the olive oil is a great moisturiser and conditioner for my skin.

There you have it, one simple homemade recipe, wait what? I mean home made facial product, let’s not talk about food here. I am hungry hehehhehe

Do let me know when you have tried this simple concoction and if you have anything else that I should try making here, let me know!

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